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Deluge in live band


Excuse me, here I come with another rookie-level question one step before buing Deluge.

I am planning to use Deluge in live band (drums, guitar, vocals, piano) . Could you please give me some feedback about the potential and weak points of this idea? I am thinking of starting some sequences, adding effects but also playing some parts using piano-roll, with another hand on a guitar ;)


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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 49
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    launching Looping sequences need to sync with the tempo of the drummer (with a midi sync'd audible or visual click track) or a musicians loop pedal. (if it has midi). Abelton link is a more developed sync solution as it slips syncs together, 'midi link sync' on ios can act as a bridge, but non-dedicated OS's/hardware setups are flakey live.

    The op-1 musicians take a different approach. As the 4-track tape looper is crap as it wont sync/play well with others. So the general strategy is to use it like a DJ deck. There are nudge pitch fwd/back & stop/start controls to keep the op-1 spinning in time with others. - the added feature with the op-1 is that generates pitchStop sound like the sound of a record player being stopped that gives it a live feel when resetting loops. I'm only lurking/gas'ing here so don't know if a deluge has this sort of control? (do i sell my op-1 for a deluge?)

    The true tempo timeBandit and disaster area smartclock look like intresting solutions? If anyone else knows a working solution to live band syncing? (soundbrenner pulse looks like a great idea, but forums suggest the hardware issues of a product not yet ready - this might of changed. )

    Whatever hardware you use, playing multiple instruments live at once requires skillz! Good luck with your practice..

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    OneArmedOneArmed PolandPosts: 4

    thanks for the answer. TimeBandit / Smartclock sounds like a good solution. Iif I get it right the stomp should bethe main clock on stage with Deluge connected, but I am still not shure how to connect drummers metronome?


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