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[BUG] Sounds interrupted when arming a previously played section.


Steps to reproduce.

  1. Create a complex song with multiple sections, making sure that each section leads into the next one after one or two plays.
  2. Play the song from the start.
  3. While the song is roughly half-way through, press the coloured pad corresponding to the immediately previous section to schedule it for playback.
  4. Currently playing drones and held notes will become interrupted. There is a very, very high chance of this happening, though it really varies depending on your timing. The section currently being played does not in fact change.
  5. Cancel the scheduled change in sections by pressing the pad corresponding to the currently playing section. You must do this before the section actually changes.
  6. Drones and held notes become interrupted again.

I'm happy to share the XML files corresponding to the song in which this occurs, since it only uses the on-board sounds and synths.

Deluge serial number 170512, firmware 1.3.2.


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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 162

    Hi Remy, yes could you please send me the song file? Thanks!

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    remy_luisantremy_luisant CanadaPosts: 10

    I have since managed to reduce the testcase to just about nothing. Just two sections, both with a drone note. When section 1 is playing, keep rapidly hitting the buttons for arming sections 1 and 2 alternatingly. The drones will die.


    My email sometimes gets spam-binned, so might want to check there as well.

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