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User Defined Scales Issue


I am having trouble defining a scale. I am pretty sure I am performing the operation correctly as described in the manual, but the deluge refuses to accept the notes I set. It keeps guessing wrong by adding notes I did not select. I don't want it to guess, when I'm explicitly programming the scale.

Example: try to program a blues scale

Am I missing a step or is this a bug?

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 656

    You can alter notes manually on the audition pads by holding one, then holding and turning the select knob - you can change them up or down a semi-tone ;)

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    Using the scale alter function I am still unable to produce a scale with fewer than seven notes.

    Using the define scale function, depending on the root, the deluge will add a note or two when programming a blues scale. There shouldn't be any guessing by the software if I'm defining the root and the scale.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 656
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    Oh right, thats a known issue actually, my bad. Theres a request here on the forum to change that!

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    @Icoustik said:
    Oh right, thats a known issue actually, my bad. Theres a request here on the forum to be change that!

    Thanks. I searched earlier, but didn't find it. Tried again after your comment and there it was. Upvoted and hoping.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,029
    Scales on the Deluge will usually contain seven different notes (eight if you count the octave - the same as most Western scales). However, sometimes there will be more notes - for instance, if both a major 3rd and a minor 3rd are present when entering scale mode, both will be added to the scale.

    manual page

    What does the request ask for exactly Gibbous? I dont get a scale with less than 7 notes. All “other” scales seem to consist of 8 (9 too?) notes. The manual just says “usually 7 notes” and “sometimes more”.
    I also like feature suggestion, would also allow to set up a blues scale

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