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Remember last set note velocity


When you set a note's velocity in the piano roll, Deluge should remember the value and set this as the value for the next notes.
Also: if you press and hold an already placed note, it should show its velocity and then adopt this value for the next notes.

This allows you to set the velocity only once for multiple notes (and maybe add a little variation later). This would save a lot of time.

I think this feature would be really easy to implement and is also similar to the workflow of most DAWs and other sequencers, so almost everybody should be immediately familiar with it.


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    MPrinsenMPrinsen Netherlands
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    One mode comment:

    It would be perfect if the last velocity is remembered per track. So when you switch to a different track and go back, you can immediately start entering notes in the piano roll in the same velocity of the last entered note of that track.

    This doesn't sound like a spectacular feature, which is (I think) this thread does not have a lot of upvotes, but I am oretty sure a lot of people would benefit greatly of this.

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen Netherlands

    So this has been implemented in the new beta 2.0, as I read it, it is EXACTLY how I suggested! Thank you team Synthstrom!!

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