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Ableton "Freeze Track" functionality => save lots of CPU

fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 152


Since we already have the resample functionality, i think it should be easy to implement a "freeze" function as in ableton.

Current Process:
To render a synth track into an audio file, one has to mute all other tracks, record the track and assign the audio to a kit, add it to the arrangement and then mute the old synth track.

Press Shift + Record + Track => Freezes the track (renders the synth into a static audio file). The synth track is now frozen (indicated by white track LED). Changes to the synth params are not possible when the track is frozen, because its playing a static audio file. One can "unfreeze" the track by the same process, make changes to params, and freeze again.
This will free up a lot of CPU power and make large arrangements more convenient.

Future Wish:
Export/render all tracks into separate audio files to import them into the DAW for further editing.

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