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RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 27

Im hoping to build a custom midi controller (its gonna take me a while im very new to arduino stuff ) can any body tell me who has a USB midi controller if the deluge is a USB midi host. First stages of planning and im trying to see if ill go 5 pin or USB connector . USB midi seems easier for the absolute beginner

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los AngelesPosts: 43
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    I'm just looking into this too. I'd say that 5 pin is actually easier. For USB you need a USB shield. Was playing with both options yesterday and was struggling to get USB working. If I got it right then it gets translated from USB into a serial stream first and pushed into the same 'stream' 5pin comes through naturally. Ended up switching over to 5pin and that's mostly working for now.


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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 27

    i have a sparkfun pro micro board that allows midi over USB, but im going to get a full UNO and go with the 5 pin method. i hope to build a controller with some faders to control ASDR on both envelopes and a selection of pots for mapping to filter cutoffs etc. Im not sure if ill be limited by the number of inputs to the boards .. as stated above im an absolute beginner

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 70

    You cannot use the Deluge as USB host to connect a USB keyboard for example. USB
    Deluge is USB slave, and it cannot act as USB master.
    This Master+Slave means that the USB hardware on each end is different. I have read somewhere that there is special hardware to enable a slave to act as master, dont know.

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 20

    I used a Kenton USB host. But eventually I realised I needed more control to filter midi channels via USB.
    So this is probably the best option because its programmable:

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