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USB midi DAW sync (Ableton)

MonktunesMonktunes United KingdomPosts: 5
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Hi Guys, can anyone can explain me one thing...

~Manual page 72:
**By default, the Deluge itself outputs a MIDI beat clock on both its hardware MIDI output and USB port whenever it is playing (except when it is playing as a slave). This means that any other connected equipment or software may be configured to play as a slave, treating the Deluge as a master. See the Settings menu for instructions on turning this off if you wish.

Now me trying to connect
1. Deluge (master) --> USB Cable ---> Ableton Ext. (slave) = no clock, no midi messages from top panel (Play/Record), only notes can be sent
2. Deluge (master) --> Midi Cable ---> Midi Interface ---> Ableton Ext. (slave) = same as above
3. Deluge (master) --> Octatrack (Thru) ---> Midi Cable ---> Midi Interface ---> Ableton Ext. (slave) = everything works correctly.

I'd just like to know if it's possible to send midi clock over usb (according to manual it is).
Do we need some kind of script to connect with Ableton over USB?

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    joshejoshjoshejosh Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1
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    I've got the Deluge connected to my computer, USB midi. Using the default settings in the device. Normal USB cable connected to my MacBook Pro.

    In Ableton:

    • Preferences, Link MIDI panel
    • Midi Ports - Input: Deluge (IN) - Track Sync and Remote are ON
    • Close Preferences.
    • In the main Ableton screen, click on "Ext" in the top left corner to enable external sync.

    Now, when I push play on the Deluge, Ableton starts playing. When I hit play again, they both stop.

    If I want to record the deluge, I just set up a track for recording in the usual way, through my interface.

    Is that what you mean?

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    MonktunesMonktunes United KingdomPosts: 5
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    Thank You for your reply and yes that what I ment. The reason it didn't work was Analog Heat set to sync causing the clash.

    I thought clock will be more stable over USB but it's not.
    Also I wonder how did I get notes recived last time.. :/ maybe it was day one with Deluge madness. ;)

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