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What do you pair with the Deluge?


Hi All,

Just recently got my Deluge and I really like it. I'm not overly impressed with reverb/delay effects though. Wondering if anyone feels the same and what pedals do you use? My budget is about £150 but don't mind buying second hand.

Also,looking for a sub £500 hardware synth that can do a wide range of sounds to complement the onboard sounds. Thinking maybe second hand minilogue xd,deepmind 12d or minibrute 2s.

Any one got any thoughts/experience/suggestions?
Thanks in advance


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    manateemilitiamanateemilitia Austin, TXPosts: 50

    I usually hate this kind of suggestion but an ipad and a bluetooth midi adapter for the deluge creates a very powerful and portable setup (plus you can record and process the deluge with effects on the ipad, depending on your audio setup).

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    Dante4Dante4 UkPosts: 14

    Interesting,didn't even consider it (TBH I've never heard of a Bluetooth midi adaptor before! ) What apps do you recommend?

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    LATROLATRO United KingdomPosts: 1

    I'm paired with a MiniBrute 2S, RackBrute 6u (2 modules and counting), Yamaha Reface DX with DTronics DT-RDX, OP-1, Several Pocket Operators, Volca Modular, Minilogue XD (arriving today) and a new iPad (end of the month, I think) to run Gadget 2... things chop and change, but this is holding my interest, currently...

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 35

    Access Virus Ti. The perfect companion, imho.

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    PuppeteerPuppeteer Perth, West OzPosts: 27

    For effects, a Kurzweil KSP8, and some nice preamps.

    Synths that are controlled from my Deluge: TR909, Alesis DM Pro, Roland Jupiter 8, King Korg, Kurzweil Forte, TB03 (sync only), Korg MS2000, Korg Prophecy, Korg EMX1 (sync only)

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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 49

    had midi pads and an ipad, but all the wires and instability and set up in AUM.... I am now considering an mpc live: my needs I would get from a MPClive

    finger drumming with velocity pads 
    multi-sample/velocity kits
    more swing humanisation options
    better fx, and mix (deluge goes into live)
    auto multi-sample synth recording (to use in the deluge)
    metronome only through headphones 
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    Maybe look into the Mod Duo X? Does FX and synths and has knobs and buttons.

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