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Quantize amount and post-record quantize

JscottkJscottk SeattlePosts: 51

I often want to retain the organic qualities of MIDI parts that I record into the Deluge, but I sometimes want a little bit of quantization on a part that I've recorded.

My understanding is that the only way for me to apply quantization to a recorded MIDI part is to manually zoom in on the notes that are "wrong" and fix them note by note, which becomes really tedious. I can quantize parts as I record, but can't quantize anything I've already recorded or control the amount by which MIDI input is quantized.

I like how Elektron boxes and Ableton Live allow me to apply quantization to existing clips on the fly and how they allow for quantization to be applied in small amounts, so I can for example dial in 1/16 note triplet quantization at 25% and get a nice groove that is close to being on grid but retains the human quality of the performance. I'd love to see similar functionality available in the Deluge. Triplet quantization would also be extremely helpful.

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