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Deluge Kit Generator


(this was posted on the Deluge Facebook Forum but thought it would be good to add this here)
Hey people!
I wrote a little script to build Deluge drumkits for me. It scans the folder from which it was launched at, will create a /delugekits subfolder and fill it with the kits (one kit per wav-subfolder it finds). I wrote this for myself (pretty low tech Python) but thought I'd share it. Don't expect a fleshed out UI.
It'll try to put the bassdrum onto 1, then snare, open hihat, closed hihat, rest of sounds, then loops.
Lee Pe had posted the '66 Drum Kits' package the other day. Unfortunately all files are just number. The script would work like that. But you can also run rename66.exe first. That'll go through the folders and rename the .wav files based on the folders names.txt. After that you'll have good short names on each drumkits sound and bd/sd/chh/ohh nicely sorted.
So...easiest way:

  • copy the content of the attached zip-file into the "\66 Legendary Drum kits" folder.
  • run rename66.exe.
  • run build.exe
  • copy all subfolders onto the SD card into /SAMPLES/6LDk (=auto proposed short folder name - see help file)
  • copy content of /delugekits onto the SD card into /KITS
    Enjoy your 66 new drumkits starting at 100.
    Oh I should say: Even though this doesn't do anything crazy, you'll run it at your own risk (renaming the 66 drumkit's wav-files would be the most invasive, apart from that it just generates the xmls)
    Here's a screenshot:


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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles
    edited June 2017

    Here are the files.
    Eeeeeh somehow this doesn't work. Are we not allowed to post .zip files? Not sure whats wrong.
    Hmmm - until then: Facebook. Sorry.

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles

    Here is the file:

    Python Version is here (in case anyone wants to use this on a Mac ... needs Python to be installed though)

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    can anybody repost the drum samples here?

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    matsmats Germany

    Thx for providing the source code, too. To make the scripts work with Python versions < 3.5 (eg. on Linux or Mac) you need to:

    pip install glob2

    and replace the line

    import glob


    import glob2 as glob

    in the Python scripts (older versions of glob do not support the recursive=True argument).

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    edited May 29

    Rather than have every use re-run the script everytime, has anyone done this where they could just post the final product for the 66-kit?

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    I did the rename and the generating bit.. did notice some kits didn't get processed right.. might need a manual correct before uploading.. bit its very easy to do.. so just go for it :)

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    @sIRwa2 said:
    I did the rename and the generating bit.. did notice some kits didn't get processed right.. might need a manual correct before uploading.. bit its very easy to do.. so just go for it :)

    I'm on a mac only and don't know python to execute it.

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    fryyyyfryyyy germany

    Heres a kit list

    1. Ace Tone Rhythm Ace
    2. AKAI XE8
    3. AKAI XR10
    4. BOSS DR-110
    5. BOSS DR-220
    6. BOSS Dr. Rhythm 55
    7. Casio MT-18
    8. Casio MT-100
    9. Casio MT-500
    10. Casio MT-800
    11. Casio PT-1
    12. Casio PT-82
    13. Casio Rapman
    14. Casio RZ 1
    15. Casio SK-1
    16. E-mu Drumulator
    17. EKO CompuRhythm
    18. EMU SP12
    19. Fricke MSB512
    20. Hammond Drum-Machine
    21. Hohner Rhythm 80
    22. Korg DDD-1
    23. Korg DDM-110
    24. Korg DDM-220
    25. Korg KPR-77
    26. Korg KR-55
    27. Korg Minipops
    28. Kurzweil K2000
    29. Linn 9000
    30. Linn Drum
    31. Maestro Rhythm King
    32. Mattel Synsonic Drum Pad
    33. MPC Electronics the KIT
    34. MTI Auto Orchestra
    35. MXR 185
    36. Oberheim DMX
    37. Pearl Syncussion
    38. Real SCRP
    39. Roland CompuRhythm CR-78
    40. Roland CR-1000
    41. Roland CR-8000
    42. Roland R8
    43. Roland Super Quartet MKS-7
    44. Roland System 100
    45. Roland TR-66
    46. Roland TR-505
    47. Roland TR-606 Drumatix
    48. Roland TR-626
    49. Roland TR-707
    50. Roland TR-727
    51. Roland TR-808
    52. Roland TR-909
    53. Sakata DPM-48
    54. Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
    55. Sequential Circuits Studio 440
    56. Sequential Circuits Tom
    57. Simmons SDS-5
    58. Sonor Mini Mammut
    59. SoundMaster SR-88
    60. Univox Micro-Rhythmer 12
    61. Visco SpaceDrum
    62. Wurlizer Swing Rhythm
    63. Yamaha MR10
    64. Yamaha RX-21
    65. Yamaha RX11
    66. Yamaha RY-30
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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, Sweden

    Wonderful tool, thanks a million! Was just wondering, when doing the rename - this one did not have a "names.txt" file: 17. EKO CompuRhythm
    I´ve googled but without success, anyone grabbed the file names from somewhere and care to share?

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    atimchakatimchak Chicago, IL

    So I would like to add for a total coding novice like me, if it would be possible to post the finished product I would be forever grateful as there are some amazing drum machine finds there!

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    I'd even pay to have the fu finished deluge ready product.

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    I've since worked this out and it is dead easy, no real python knowledge needed. Excellent work, the samples sound great - recommend this to all deluge users. Only complaint would be I would prefer to have all kicks on the first note, all snares on the 2nd, etc but guess I could edit the kit generator. Deluge is my go to for drum programming now.

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    I'm still not getting where and how to set what you want your first kit number to be. Help please, thanks!

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles

    When you start the tool without anything it'll tell you all the options (see below). So build.exe -s 120 will start your numbers from 120.

    NO FOLDER GIVEN, USING: C:\Users\HORSTM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.582
    WRITING DELUGE KITS TO: C:\Users\HORSTM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.582\delugekits
    delugekits >> YES

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    edited August 27

    Thanks. I get that, just don't get how/where to change that number. I run the CMD script like in the directions, still can't change the value for -s. When I try to change that number it does nothing. If I start build.exe in its own folder, that screen comes up but then says "press any key to continue" so the second I press anything it closes.

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles

    Hmm works for me - python script and .exe file. I drop the exe file into the parent folder of my sample folders and type
    build.exe -s 200
    Kits start from 200 upwards.

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    So just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly, each time I want to make more kits using a higher sequence of numbers I have to make a new build.exe using Python first?

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los Angeles

    The python version and the exe file are doing exactly the same thing. The exe file is just a wrapped version of the the python script to make it easier for users who don't have python installed.
    If you prefer to run the python version just do:
    python -s 200
    and ignore the exe file.

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    Just want to say thanks for the python script! I just spent the afternoon creating kits from my sample packs. Two little things I noticed:

    1. The samples have to be in a sub-folder of the main folder for the -f parameter. You can't have a folder called 'samples' with files and then give -f samples as a parameter
    2. In the mid.txt template loopMode is set to 1 which I didn't want as I prefer one-shot samples, so I changed it.

    Otherwise, works a charm!

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