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Deluge Kit Generator


(this was posted on the Deluge Facebook Forum but thought it would be good to add this here)
Hey people!
I wrote a little script to build Deluge drumkits for me. It scans the folder from which it was launched at, will create a /delugekits subfolder and fill it with the kits (one kit per wav-subfolder it finds). I wrote this for myself (pretty low tech Python) but thought I'd share it. Don't expect a fleshed out UI.
It'll try to put the bassdrum onto 1, then snare, open hihat, closed hihat, rest of sounds, then loops.
Lee Pe had posted the '66 Drum Kits' package the other day. Unfortunately all files are just number. The script would work like that. But you can also run rename66.exe first. That'll go through the folders and rename the .wav files based on the folders names.txt. After that you'll have good short names on each drumkits sound and bd/sd/chh/ohh nicely sorted.
So...easiest way:

  • copy the content of the attached zip-file into the "\66 Legendary Drum kits" folder.
  • run rename66.exe.
  • run build.exe
  • copy all subfolders onto the SD card into /SAMPLES/6LDk (=auto proposed short folder name - see help file)
  • copy content of /delugekits onto the SD card into /KITS
    Enjoy your 66 new drumkits starting at 100.
    Oh I should say: Even though this doesn't do anything crazy, you'll run it at your own risk (renaming the 66 drumkit's wav-files would be the most invasive, apart from that it just generates the xmls)
    Here's a screenshot:


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