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Allow decimal granularity for BPM


I'm using two Deluges as my live setup. Transitioning between songs means adjusting BPMs for the next songs. Going one BPM at a time is clearly audible. For me and, I assume, everyone else performing live it would make a big difference to be able to make the tempo changes more subtle, and thus maintain the dancers' flow.
One way to introduce it would be to replace the metronomic 4 step with a single BPM increments (not to be rude, but is anybody using this at all?) and introduce decimal steps when holding down and turning the button.


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    crispymoleculecrispymolecule ViennaPosts: 2

    Very much agree! When I am DJing, I use two turntables, plus a Kaossilator Pro+ as a basic drum machine for some extra Ooomph. BPM granularity on the Kaossilator is down to 1/10 BPM, which I find to be perfect (whole step BPM adjustments can be made by using the shift button). From what I have seen, Roland's TR-8 also offers 1/10 BPM via an extra fine control knob. On the other side of the spectrum, there's the Arturia Drumbrute with BPM granularity of 1/100 BPM, which IMO is overkill.

    Still, to me, adjusting BPM the way you suggest would be my most requested feature for the Deluge.

    I think the reason why they made the 4 BPM stepping the default setting is that you can quickly get up to the notorious "FAST" setting at 10,000 BPM, but apart from giggling with glee the first few times I see little practical use for that..

    So please Synthstrom, consider a more mundane BPM adjustment setting. 10k BPM is a fun showcase, but decimal adjustments are IMO essential for hotmixing/DJing.

    That being said, a superfun machine it is!:) BigUp Synthstrom!

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