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Allow decimal granularity for BPM


I'm using two Deluges as my live setup. Transitioning between songs means adjusting BPMs for the next songs. Going one BPM at a time is clearly audible. For me and, I assume, everyone else performing live it would make a big difference to be able to make the tempo changes more subtle, and thus maintain the dancers' flow.
One way to introduce it would be to replace the metronomic 4 step with a single BPM increments (not to be rude, but is anybody using this at all?) and introduce decimal steps when holding down and turning the button.


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    crispymoleculecrispymolecule ViennaPosts: 2

    Very much agree! When I am DJing, I use two turntables, plus a Kaossilator Pro+ as a basic drum machine for some extra Ooomph. BPM granularity on the Kaossilator is down to 1/10 BPM, which I find to be perfect (whole step BPM adjustments can be made by using the shift button). From what I have seen, Roland's TR-8 also offers 1/10 BPM via an extra fine control knob. On the other side of the spectrum, there's the Arturia Drumbrute with BPM granularity of 1/100 BPM, which IMO is overkill.

    Still, to me, adjusting BPM the way you suggest would be my most requested feature for the Deluge.

    I think the reason why they made the 4 BPM stepping the default setting is that you can quickly get up to the notorious "FAST" setting at 10,000 BPM, but apart from giggling with glee the first few times I see little practical use for that..

    So please Synthstrom, consider a more mundane BPM adjustment setting. 10k BPM is a fun showcase, but decimal adjustments are IMO essential for hotmixing/DJing.

    That being said, a superfun machine it is!:) BigUp Synthstrom!

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    opeologistopeologist issaquah, waPosts: 1

    has there been any updates related to this specific feature request? decimal tempo is massive for proper sound tracking live

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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichPosts: 64

    Workaround? If you recorded the song at half speed, you'd have 0.5 BPM resolution, etc.

    Ideally, you'd want to slow the piece down by 10x so that the decimal places would line up right, but you can probably figure it out on 1/8th speed. 120 BPM would be 960, etc. Then 961 gets you 120.125.... Yeah, not easy on the brain.

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