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Multiple arrangements possible ?


Hello I am seriously considering Deluge.

I want to save and store multiple arrangements like in Octatrack, to use any of them time by time.

Sounds basic but no description in manual or available tutorials so appreciate feedback.

Thanks !


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    Yeah sure. One arrangement per song - 999 save slots with letter iterations A-Z possible, so you can have 25974 arrangements in there :P

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    MorryMorry Tokyo
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    Thank you.

    For further understanding,

    say if I have created four songs A, B, C and D,

    can I make one arrangement to play A, C then

    another arrangement to play B, D ?

    I play guitar so I want deluge to switch songs automatically as arranged.
    Also I want to reserve variety of song combinations using the arranger.

    thanks !

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    No currently the arrangement is within the song, so you can't really chain arrangements automatically - but you can manually switch songs without stopping so it transitions from save to save seamlessly

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    Tks again.

    For me that is bit of a shortcoming cuz I usually have guitar in my hands and any sampler/sequencer is more of a backing track player.

    It would be better if the songs in Deluge can be freely chained using arranger mode.

    Arranger in Octatrack enable us to create chain of multiple songs (banks we call it) so in that aspect it is more convenient for me at least.

    However Deluge seems to have many other strength so I will further dig in.

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    All you have to do to change to the next song is press Load, move the knob once then press Load again :)

    Others have asked for song chaining tho, and it's quite likely it will get implemented along the way as updates are very frequent and user-driven.
    You can go and upvote the existing forum requests for this to increase the priority :)

    Also, it is still very well possible to chain multiple songs in one arrangement when we're talking about only using it as a backing track player. No problem. There are multiple ways to approach doing this. I can explain in more detail if you're interested

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    Year thanks, I found an existing thread to request for the song chain, so I have just made a reply in that thread to ask the same.

    It should not be a simple backing track player but I also want to do some tweaking on the fly.
    Tweaking knob to switch songs should be workable so I might as well give it a try though.
    However it will be more ideal if I can freely select favorite songs, put them together as one big sequence.

    As it sounds (at least) not difficult technically, I hope this can be implemented soon.

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    One approach would be to load your songs either as stems or as mixes/ resamples (to save CPU) into tracks on the Deluge then simply chain them up one after the other in the arranger mode. Tracks can be thousands of bars long if you want :p
    You can still use the knobs like normal and tweak filters, fx, pitch, tempo etc.

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