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  • List of tested and supported controllers with Deluge's USB hosting

    [Second half of my previous post]

    Other midi controllers that are a given

    • Novation Circuit - Not specifically a midi controller, but definantly a pretty useful device for getting velocity sensitive pads and 8 encoders. As a midi controller, you technically have 2 keypads (synth 1 & synth 2) plus 2 drum tracks (drum 1 & drum 2), plus 8 encoder knobs. Keeping the circuit muted, you can do some pretty advanced things by sacrificing one of the synths to use it for triggering multiple kits since it's a 1to1 in regards to midi key - kit pad assignment.
    • Arturia keystep pro - Hands down one of my favorite ways to interact with the deluge when I need a keyboard as everything is in one spot. Not really all that portable, but it works as you'd expect for a 450 dollar (usd) midi keyboard w/ sequencer and CV outs. Oh, I should note that I really only use the keystep pro over 5 pin DIN midi, but I'm pretty confident that the usb midi works.

    Random midi

    • Yamaha p71 88 key - This one was a pleasant surprise as I wasn't really anticipating such a connection to work. That said, the p71 has a usb midi port, and that port can successfully work as a midi controller for the deluge. Yes, it's one of the sillier controllers to mention, but I can confirm first hand that it works :D
    • Yamaha reface cp - Works as a midi controller. I haven't actually tested to see if the knobs are assignable over midi, but I'm almost certain they are not as those encoders are dedicated to the CP's built in controls. Works with the deluge over USB midi, or over 5pin midi just as long as you have the appropriate adapter for the CP


    Ok, I've blabed on for long enough. I just wanted to be sure to mention the Midi Fighter Twister one the interwebs so that way anyone else looking to confirm if it's compatible with the deluge can finally rest easy to know that the answer is yes (just as long as you have a computer to configure it accordingly). I'm a bit sad that I now own both the midi twister and the EC4 as it's kinda redundant right now, but we all know the power of gear acquisition syndrome (gas), so I'll just consider this as me funding research for the greater good of the internet. Hope this helps ^_^