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Web-based Downrush!


A major limitation of the Downrush program used by Deluge musicians was the need to do a complex installation on a special SD Card. No longer!

Catnip is proud to announce that all 3 major Downrush applications, xmlView, Waverly, and Midian can now be accessed via the Web by merely visiting the web page at

Functionality is similar to what you can get running Downrush locally using the browser Open File… menu command. You can look at and change most files easily. The biggest limitation is with Kit editing. Browser security rules prevent remote web applications from referring to files in your local directory structure, so we can’t link-to or read your samples.

All applications load and manipulate your data locally, so they are much faster than going through the FlashAir card.

Until we get training videos made, the best way to get started is to consult the YouTube video on using Downrush without a FlashAir SD card.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    Cool, thanks Jamie, will try later.
    Just to add, some browsers can get local file access if you enable a special flag, this should do it, this is dangerous though and should not be activated when online.

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    So, Web Downrush allows musicians to work on files locates on a SD card attached to the device which launched the browser and Classic Downrush, installed on a Toshiba card, allows us to do the same thing, but with the SD card still in the Deluge.
    Is that correct?

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    JonesyJonesy VirginiaPosts: 14

    I don't have the "Choose File" button when I go to edit an XML file. I must be doing something wrong.

    To use this program, press the "Choose File" button and select an Deluge XML file to work with. To save your result, press the Download button.

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