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Some Other Night - Mr Fork - Track


Hey everyone. Been having a great time learning the ins and outs of the Deluge. Here is my first track. It was written and arranged all on the deluge. I did a minimal quick master in ableton to bring it up to level. Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions I'd be glad to hear those too.

Mr Fork


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    rustyjawrustyjaw CA, USAPosts: 10

    Very nice, I like the transitions and change-ups and the simplicity. Is it all using samples? I dig the vinyl scratching sound.

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    Mr_ForkMr_Fork North DakotaPosts: 56

    Hey thanks for taking a listen. Most of it is samples. I have never had to work with a hardware sampler before so I wanted most of what I did in this track to be sample based so I could get used to the pros and cons of using samples. Even in my software productions I rarely used samples other than the occasional voice or guitar. Working strictly in hardware has been truly eye opening. I mostly worked in software before so I've had to adjust my approach a bit. The bass I'm using in the track I designed using the deluge synth engine but that's about it for synthesis. My next track I'm writing is pretty much going to be the opposite. I'm using almost entirely synthesis and designing patches on the fly to get used to the synth sound design end of things. Anyway thanks again for listening/commenting. Always appreciated.

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