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Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 536
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iCal here

Google Calendar here

Deluge Dozen No.2 (1 hour)
Deluge users film themselves making a track in just twelve minutes.


3rd 05:00 (PDT) 08:00 (EDT), 13:00 (BST), 14:00 (CEST)
22:00 (AEST), 24:00 (NZT)

Your Sound with The Hypnotist (30 mins)
Users submit kits made from sampling on the Deluge using the built-in mic which The Hypnotist/Nightshade turns into beats.



11th 11:30 (PDT) 14:30 (EDT), 19:30 (BST), 20:30 (CEST)
12th 04:30 (AEST), 06:30 (NZT)

Deluge like Bulaw. Episode 1 & 2 (repeats)
(30 mins & 40mins)
Get some tips, hacks and next-level workflow ideas from Deluge master Michael J. Bulaw.

11th 12:00 (PDT) 15:00 (EDT), 20:00 (BST), 21:00 (CEST)
12th 05:00 (AEST), 07:00 (NZT)

Michael J Bulaw will be back with episodes 3 & 4 once his broken arm has repaired!

Have Deluge. Making Music. Now What? 3/3
A conversation and Q&A about touring. How to tour your own terrirotory, neighbouring regions and the world. How to get booked and how to book your own.(Final session)


18th 12:00 (PDT) 15:00 (EDT), 20:00 (BST), 21:00 (CEST)
19th 05:00 (AEST), 07:00 (NZT)

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    TomSTomS Santa MonicaPosts: 1

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting these great videos up. The “deluge dozen” is really fun to watch and “Deluge like Bulaw” is so awesome! Hope his arm is ok. These videos are so inspiring.

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 349

    Thanks Tom! The arm is healing nicely. I’ll have more videos ready soon :)

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    DaEmbassyDaEmbassy SydneyPosts: 40

    Hi @Ian_Jorgensen is there a schedule for August Synthstrom.TV ?

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 536

    Sorry, I was on holiday last couple of weeks of July and didn't get time to suss programming for August so it's playlist only. Programming once again in September

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