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Is there a way to reverse samples while they are playing?


Is there a way to reverse samples while they are playing? I'm trying to achieve the same result as in this Cuckoo video on the Digitakt:


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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 244
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    If you load your sample into an audio clip you can reverse/change direction during play back.
    However you can not automate it but you can resample it.


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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 372

    Sure, shift+reverse shortcut, on or off.


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    malarksmalarks Posts: 2

    Thanks, but this interrupts the sample playback. In the video the Digitakt moves smoothly from forward to reverse playing. That was the effect I am looking for.

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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 372
    edited May 2021

    You could try kit mode, one normal and one reversed sample (on stretch) in two rows, then use mute to transition?
    This way you can also program it down with combination of stretch and trims. I guess an audio clip clone set to reverse could also work, then transition with shift+mute/launch.

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