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Made a hopefully relatively chill EP all on the Deluge

sckdrwrsckdrwr Bay Area, California, USAPosts: 9

I think the embeds here only link one of the songs for some reason, you can check out the rest here.

Picked up making music last year and spent months stuck making 64-step loops before getting the Deluge and finally figuring how to expand my favorite sketches into songs.

The vast majority of the synths on here are just from the internal synth engine (both subtractive and FM) with a couple of the pads run through a Hologram Microcosm and recorded back into the Deluge. The drums are a combo of samples from my Digitone and from some of the SamplesFromMars packs (Found Sounds in particular).

I hope some of you check it out and enjoy!

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 180

    Wow I really enjoyed that, thank you! So calm and thoughtful, beautifully crafted. The tracks flow into each other like they belong to the same family but still every track is special in its own way.
    I think 'In Yum Yum' is my favorite, I love the rhythmic sampling of the coins. All in all I like how you pick your drum sounds and your decisions on when to introduce the dominating pads.
    You did a very good job, keep at it!
    Also, thats a really nice logo/icon you have. :wink:

    Has that EP been mastered or is it straight out of the deluge?

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    sckdrwrsckdrwr Bay Area, California, USAPosts: 9


    Thank you for giving it such a thorough listen! I agonize over the selection of drum sounds so you have no idea how much that means to me haha. Also I'm glad you like my little sock guy I drew :blush:

    This EP hasn't been mastered, all the sounds are straight out of the Deluge. The recordings are the .wav files directly from resampling in the box. That being said, I did try to do as much mixing as I could on the Deluge given what was available. I just tried to be really careful about the levels of each track/drum sound and then did a bit of EQ'ing with the Deluge's 2-band EQ on each track. Add in the fact that each song (Chill Out Yeah, excluded) has one track run through the Microcosm and recorded back into the Deluge and I think that helped separate out the different elements of the songs.

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