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DIN Midi Sync problem between Deluge & Blackbox (1010music)

uliuli marseillePosts: 8

I recently got a Blackbox and I connect it to the Deluge via DIN Midi (Deluge being the Master).
When triggering the Blackbox from the Deluge via Midi notes, the Blackbox will only reliably play & stop 4-5 Clips at the same time. All other Pads on the Blackbox get cued and play & stop only one bar later.
Does anyone else have these sync issues?


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    Rian78Rian78 USAPosts: 18

    I recently acquired a blackbox also,
    I don't think its a sync issue though, i had the same issues at first too.
    I believe it has to do with the sample your triggering and its properties. Go to the sample in question and hit the info button twice, go to the launchmode and change the mode you can choose from, trigger, gate or toggle. Try the toggle mode first. Also check if the sample is in loop mode or not.
    Im using a KMI QuNeo to trigger samples instead of the deluge, I have a midi channel from the deluge triggering the keyboard mode though.

    Hope that helps.

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