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Mixing Drum Levels or Velocity in a Sequence/Bar More than One Note at a Time

taktak Posts: 2
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Say I use the piano roll and have a kick drum hitting on every downbeat and a hat hitting on every beat. I want to reduce the volume or velocity of the hat. So far, I have to hold each one (or as many fingers as I have) and then reduce the velocity through all the bars.

Is there a way to "mix" each sample/sound or, said another way, universally impact one sound's velocity (or volume) so that all instances of that sound (e.g. the hat) on a track/clip can be decreased or increased?

How does one go about mixing the levels of sounds?

And further, from a more higher level, is there a way to mix the volumes of each clip?

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USAPosts: 282
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    Glad you’re getting it figured out 👍🏼


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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 282

    In the case of the hi hat & kick you can add sidechain value to the hi hat. It’ll then be quieter when the kick hits.

    Also, you can use affect entire to adjust levels of all clip rows in a kit.

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    taktak Posts: 2

    To anyone reading, I have figured out the answer to my very basic question that eluded me as a brand new user.

    If you are trying to "mix" your drum sounds in a track/bar/sequence, this is how you do it:

    Make sure you are clip mode by pressing the "clip" key. You are now staring at the various clip/sequencer rows with each row being a different sound (i.e. snare on row 1 say, kick on row 2, hat on row 3, etc. in kit mode). Select the sound you are looking to alter (i.e. the snare, for instance) by selecting the "Audition/Section" pad located to the rightmost of the row you are looking to alter. In this example, the audition/section on row 1.

    Now select the "Level/Pan" button and adjust the upper paramter knob (which is impacting only the Level) to suit your taste.

    Now you can select the Audition/Section pad on row 2 (per the example), and adjust the volume or level, of the kick drum.

    There is a suggestion of "affect entire" by Too_Mere. I tried this out and have found that, as Too_Mere suggests, pushing "affect entire" will impact all notes in all rows. This would be suitable, in regards to level, if you wanted to increase or decrease the level (or any available effect) of all your drum or synth sounds in the sequence at once.

    As for the sidechaining - thanks Too_Mere, that is something I'll jump into shortly. Definitely interested in that capability, but getting a handle on the basics right now - hence the super simple level question. Appreciate the reply!

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