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iCal here

Google Calendar here

Deluge like Bulaw. Episode 1 (30 mins)
Get some tips, hacks and next-level workflow ideas from Deluge master Michael J. Bulaw.

6th 17:00 (PDT), 20:00 (EDT)
7th 01:00 (BST), 02:00 (CEST), 10:00 (AEST), 12:00 (NZT)

Repeat airing
12th 11:30 (PDT) 14:30 (EDT), 19:30 (BST), 20:30 (CEST)
13th 04:30 (AEST), 06:30 (NZT)

Deluge Dozen No.2 (1-2 hours) (POSTPONED TILL JULY 3rd, SAME TIMES)
Deluge users film themselves making a track in just twelve minutes.


13th 05:00 (PDT), 08:00 (EDT), 13:00 (BST), 14:00 (CEST), 22:00 (AEST), 24:00 (NZT)

Have Deluge. Making Music. Now What? 2/3
A conversation and Q&A about releasing music, playing shows, how to get booked, how to communicate with the media and how to be part of a community.


20th 12:00 (PDT), 15:00 (EDT), 20:00 (BST), 21:00 (CEST)
21st 05:00 (AEST), 07:00 (NZT)

Golden Shrimp Guild x Synthstrom (3hrs)
The group responsible for curating and presenting some epic streaming synth festivals ask their Deluge owning members for some special performances.


19th 11:00 (PDT), 14:00 (EDT), 19:00 (BST), 20:00 (CEST)
20th 04:00 (AEST), 06:00 (NZT)

Just One Press with Sakunera (30 mins)
Deluge users submit their most curious and wild patches.
Hear about their construction with host, Sakunera.


20th 04:00 (PDT) 07:00 (EDT), 12:00 (BST), 13:00 (CEST), 21:00 (AEST), 23:00 (NZT)

Deluge like Bulaw. Episode 2 (30 mins)
Get some tips, hacks and next-level workflow ideas from Deluge master Michael J. Bulaw.

27th 11:30 (PDT), 14:30 (EDT), 19:30 (BST), 20:30 (CEST)
28th 04:30 (AEST), 06:30 (NZT)

Repeat airing
30th 16:00 (PDT), 19:00 (EDT)
1st (July) 00:00 (BST), 01:00 (CEST), 09:00 (AEST), 11:00 (NZT)

In Conversation with Rohan Hill & Lee Nicholson (90 mins)
Deluge inventor, Rohan and Lighting Wave pedal inventor, Lee sit down for a discussion on microcontrollers, soldering, PCB’s, manufacturing, coding, electromagnetic interference and advanced DIY electronics.

27th 05:00 (PDT) 08:00 (EDT), 13:00 (BST), 14:00 (CEST), 22:00 (AEST), 24:00 (NZT)

Tune into any time day or night to chat with other users and check out our constantly updated playlist of over 500 Deluge performance videos on rotation.

To find out more about special programming and how to be

*Exclusive to SynthstromTV, will not be available on demand following.

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AEST : Most of Australia
CEST : Most of Europe
BST : United Kingdom
EDT : Eastern North America/Canada
PDT : West Coast North America/Canada
NZT : New Zealand

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 502

    Big weekend coming up!

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    DaEmbassyDaEmbassy SydneyPosts: 13

    Having missed "Deluge Like Bulaw (Part 1)", I have learned that it is an excellent idea to use the "Google Calendar here" link that you provide, @Ian_Jorgensen , to ensure I get a reminder for all Synthstrom.TV webcasts.

    Thank you for providing Synthstrom.TV

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