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Dunedin, New Zealand - Feb 29, 2020

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 349
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Featuring live performances from:

Filmmaker (Colombia)
Ian Jorg

The Crown Hotel
179 Rattray Street, Dunedin
Feb 29, 2020
Show 8:30pm

Dunedin Facebook Event
Dunedin Web Event
Order the vinyl

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    jonathanjonathan New ZealandPosts: 4
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    Haha, it's cool. I can see my name!
    Looking forward to hearing what the tunes sound like on big speakers instead of my wee ones at home.

    How many songs can we jam in 10 to 15 mins?

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    OBNOXIAOBNOXIA DunedinPosts: 2

    I've been thinking of getting one for a while, looking forward to it, I'll bring my video camera and hit record.

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    OBNOXIAOBNOXIA DunedinPosts: 2

    Great show in Dunedin and thanks for the Deluge demonstration, have a great tour

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