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  • A bit of mystery can be a good thing.. ;0)
  • You're correct - Read Only was the issue. Somehow, after inserting and removing the card a few times, the issue has resolved itself. Certainly makes me think about checking out the whole Downrush option. (it would be nice not to have to remove…
  • Hello Justin in Winter Pole! I'm a bit slammed with splitting firewood, etc. (and reading the manual) but I'm really excited by the time I've spent 'with my Delusions' thus far. I'm also busy preparing a library of samples to upload once the new…
  • Looks like we have a strong consensus amongst users, but (just cuz), I'm adding MY name to the list +1
  • Thanks for responding Matthew, I took the SD card and put it back in a few times, and things seem to magically resolve themselves. 'the ghost in the machine' Appreciate you taking the time... Will
  • @Icoustik said: Option 1: Try the different sample playback modes (cut, once), they respond differently to the envelope Option 2: Yes like amiga said, if you want fades, automate the volume - then consolidate the track to a new sample (to …
  • Understood, however I'm not sure how that would affect things as far as polyphony, effects, multiple tracks, etc.
  • That's great news. Glad to know it's not just me/my machine. Thanks for the quick response. You rock! w ;0)
  • I've tried to upload a folder of muti-samples repeatedly and am having no luck. I've just received my Deluge, and just to be sure, downloaded and reinstalled the current software update. Still - when I try to 'Browse' and upload, I just get one …
  • I checked - the card is not locked, but thanks for responding w
  • thanks
    in Sustain? Comment by Will September 30
  • understood - thanks w ;0)
  • @amiga909 said: presets and song files cannot be structured, just plain folders with xml files. samples can be structured freely, i try to follow some guide lines as the 4 character display (it can scroll text though) is not a pleasure to …
  • Thanks - all good info to keep my busy getting files prep'd...
  • Thanks
  • BTW - I've been using 18650 batteries in my flashlights for about 12 years. I have one that I've been recharging since 2012 - still holds a very solid charge
  • I'm planning to use stereo, high rez, Mp3 samples, as I have quite a lot of samples, (multisample and others which are quite long) and want to make as much use of the 32 GB as possible. I assume I just write my samples to the SD card in folders, …
  • Thank U!
  • Well, it's really bloody unorthodox, but: I'm going to use it on my 'Bellcycle'. It's basically a recumbent style exercise bike, which I pedal (for a bit of cardio) while I play music. It's made of assorted bicycle and motorcycle parts (lost …
  • OR... a what about a wireless external editor/display which runs on a iOS device? (wireless touch screen editing on your iPhone of iPad - like you can do as an alternate screen with things like the Spectrasonics Omnisphere) Perhaps I'm barking u…
  • I'm in British Columbia, and bought mine last night (ordered it). I live very near the U.S. border, and go across for eBay stuff every week, so I just got it shipped there. $992 US - can't remember exactly what the exchange came out to - but w…
  • That would be a killer option for purchasers, as a silk screen detail. I use ultraviolet all the time on stage, with my dj set up, etc., I even have a micro UV flashlight. A great solution - whether it's printed or print out... ;0)
  • An interesting scenario. For my money, I'm so glad that this product is available, that - although excited, am content to wait knowing full well, that I've likely just made a purchase that I will get great joy and satisfaction from. Like I alw…
  • DAMN it's good to read that. If more of the rest of the universe had this approach, the world would be a much more sensational place for us to be creative and satisfied beings. I'm so sick of making purchases which either have built-in obsolesce…
  • Very exciting stuff - hard to believe that this is available as an option for such a rare and new instrument. Massive bonus You deserve a serious offer of gratitude and a collection of Karmic Coupons! (just ordered my Deluge, but I'll be su…
    in Downrush 1.0.1 Comment by Will August 17
  • Thanks, however I don't really understand what you mean by the term 'Native'...
  • SORRY - I see this have been covered already...
    in case? Comment by Will August 17
  • I'd love to see the ability to choose each note in a scale, just like my old Linnstrument - very quick and easy
  • @strych9 said: Point being though, that I don't keep my hardware hooked to the computer, generally. The Deluge is standalone and that's its strength. It's a pain to get the card in and out, though, and I'm afraid of doing it too much and damaging…
    in Edit over USB Comment by Will August 17