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  • I agree with this because I create songs with Deluge using different external hardware. On one song it is my full modular setup, on others it is just the Digitone or Blofeld. Having a bit more screen would help to be able to Name/Label songs to rem…
  • Thank you Barconax! (Sorry, been sick for a while! 1 after the other) - Yes! I like jamming on it like an instrument, I play guitar so the scale layout is very intuitive for me. I'm starting to use the knobs more for both PLOCK style recording and …
  • I would add: For the Keyboard View / Sequencer View... what if the sequencer view was just at the bottom line (16th notes + still zoomable) - the keyboard view getting the rest of the pads.... and if you hold one of those steps and press (above in t…
  • thanks amiga909, that gives me some great ideas! With multitimbral synths I could set up keyboard splits and easily get the 32 parts that way. Also, I checked this out: ...haven't confirmed thru use but it looks…
  • sounds like this still is needed? (just got Deluge about 3 weeks ago) related... if you open up the SD card on your computer, go into the synth folder, can you rename synth XMLs so they would display your (hopefully abbreviated) synth patch name???…
  • I agree with cypher... I got the Electribe2 right before now and getting the Deluge and Electribe2 doesn't offer anything to the mix. I got it because it was on a crazy good deal then finally realized the deluge is what I'm after. Then only thing i…
  • Do you know if part of the 2.1 update includes setting a loop point? (Like on Digitakt) To be more clear: currently there is a start and end point for samples, but a loop point helps for samples with a distinctive attack ...then loop between the loo…