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Middle of NowHere, Canada
  • Extended ADSRs?

    I've uploaded a bunch of custom samples that I want to use for creating ambient music.
    Problem is - all the factory envelope parameters seem very limited in their range.
    Might it be possible (perhaps using a software editor, or something) to extend the range?
    Currently, the maximum Attack time, is really very short, less than a couple of seconds...

  • How do you use your Deluge?

    Well, it's really bloody unorthodox, but:

    I'm going to use it on my 'Bellcycle'.
    It's basically a recumbent style exercise bike, which I pedal (for a bit of cardio) while I play music.
    It's made of assorted bicycle and motorcycle parts (lost of cool sprockets, a Harley seat, etc.)
    I have a large wooden steampunk gear, with 22 antique brass bells attached to it, which I play with wooden mallets. ...Seriously.

    Currently, I'm adding a hub motor - to act as a generator to create power for a little car stereo type sound system, and to run some electronics.
    The original plan was to play my Blofeld with my Linnstrument, connected to a looper, but I'm replacing all that with the Deluge (and will be processing the sound of the bells through it as well)

    Not your average set up...

    (I figure I'll feel less guilty about the zillions of hours I'm going to spend with my Deluge, if I'm getting some exercise at the same time)



  • True Custom Scales

    I'd love to see the ability to choose each note in a scale, just like my old Linnstrument - very quick and easy

  • Hello from Canada

    Yeah, it's all quite inspiring.

    Just ordered my Deluge a few minutes ago.

    Always looking forward to any new piece of gear which will push me in new directions.
    The adventure continues...

    I'm just designing the kit I'll likely take on tour next year (drumming gig)
    Mock up photo attached.

    Thanks for responding!



  • FiLE FiLE FiLE FiLE (flashing display)

    When I browse through synth presets, the display shows 'FILE' - flashing for any slot that no longer has it's original sample available.
    I am constantly adding new sample folders, sometimes recreating samples with more useful settings, etc.
    It is frustrating and slow to have this display readout, as the scrolling progression stops during that time - really screws up workflow.

    Yes, I know that I could make notes of all the issues, go back into the card data and correct everything, but being that I'm changing things so often, it is a bit of a pain.

    just sayin'