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  • Extended ADSRs?

    I've uploaded a bunch of custom samples that I want to use for creating ambient music.
    Problem is - all the factory envelope parameters seem very limited in their range.
    Might it be possible (perhaps using a software editor, or something) to extend the range?
    Currently, the maximum Attack time, is really very short, less than a couple of seconds...

  • 3 limitations to creating 'Ambient' music with the Deluge

    I'm into Ambient/Drone/Atmospheric music.
    I'd been busily preparing my own custom sounds for the Deluge (mainly in Omnisphere), in anticipation of this 2.1 Multi-sampling update. Sadly, I've come to realize that I have to go back and create all new samples, because of a few quite serious limitations I've encountered:

    1) I've had to recreate synth samples which are much, much longer (up to almost a minute per note), because thus far, I haven't seen any capabilities to define loops (for the sustain portion of the ADSR) within uploaded samples

    2) I've had to redo my sound samples to include long attacks, as the envelopes are extremely short on the Deluge. In some cases, I'm having to create multiple versions of the same sound source - one with a shorter attack, one with a much longer one, (so I'll have options which are not available from hardware adjustments)
    I was originally thrilled to see hardware access (knobs) fo the Attack/Release parameters for realtime use, but frankly, these have very little range and application.
    Frankly, I don't remember ever working on any synth with such limited ADSR times.

    3) FX limitations. For example, It would be really helpful for the reverb effects knob/setting to be able to go from a mix value of 0%, to 100% wet, so it could be used more dramatically for sound sculpting. I realize that there has already been much discussion of the limitations of the echo/delay settings, etc., so I won't go into detail, but these too need work to be more diverse.

    Hoping to see these issues resolved in a future update.

    Otherwise, Loving this box!

  • 3 limitations to creating 'Ambient' music with the Deluge

    @amiga909 said:
    @Will yeah, post a link when ur project is ready, pedal powered, have to see that 😀

    It's been going through a lot of revisions. It was originally an exercise bike with antique bells I played with mallets when riding. Now I'm adding a generator (hub motor) some speakers and a Deluge.

    Here's a couple of photos and a mock up of the new direction...

  • odd scales, tunings, microtonal stuff on a deluge?

    @amiga909 said:
    external midi controller? u know which one? dont think it is possible? midi pitchbend can be used but it is a channel messgae, so it affects all held notes.

    I was thinking about the Linnstrument, not cheap, but very customizable, powerful and accurate....

  • Seriously Unstable

    @Mr_Fork said:
    That was really good @Will . Did you do all the sound design on the Deluge itself? There were some really nice sounds in there. Very good ambient exploration. I found myself wanting to hear some downtempo drums in there at some points. All in all I very much enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

    Yes, all the sounds are from the Deluge. None of my own samples, etc. no external fx.
    To be honest, I didn't expect the synth engine to offer such great interactive control, but it was a nice flow.
    I thought about adding some beats as well, but decided that leaving it without tempo reference, felt more mysterious...

  • FiLE FiLE FiLE FiLE (flashing display)

    When I browse through synth presets, the display shows 'FILE' - flashing for any slot that no longer has it's original sample available.
    I am constantly adding new sample folders, sometimes recreating samples with more useful settings, etc.
    It is frustrating and slow to have this display readout, as the scrolling progression stops during that time - really screws up workflow.

    Yes, I know that I could make notes of all the issues, go back into the card data and correct everything, but being that I'm changing things so often, it is a bit of a pain.

    just sayin'