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  • Show Pitch Value

    When changing the pitch of all samples in a kit together using the gold knob there is no way to see how many semitones up or down you are pitching the samples.
    It would be great if the display showed a value as you turn the knob. Perhaps in semitones?
    I often resample my melodies and chop them into a kit. Id like to be able to pitch them up or down by exactly one octave, sometimes it is difficult to do that by ear.

  • Metronome Volume

    Gain staging is an important part of production. I mix my tracks at low volume so when I turn the metronome on it blasts my ears out. There needs to be an option to control the volume of the metronome. It literally hurts my ears after I have gain staged my song.

  • Impulse Response

    The ability to load our own impulse responses for the reverb.
    It could use the same controls as the regular reverb.
    This will allow us to have more control over the character of the space.

  • Invert Phase

    The option to invert phase of samples, especially between the two layers of samples in a drum kit. This is vital for sound design when layering sounds... Say you layer two kicks and it sounds ok but then you invert the phase of one kick and suddenly it sounds perfect.

    I searched to see if someone suggested this but could not find anything. I am surprised because this is such a common production technique.

  • Change metronome volume

    I have already requested this, please upvote my request

  • Time Offset

    It would be useful to be able to delay the start time of samples. This is a common practice in drum sequencing, for example you may delay the start time of hi hats so they fall off the grid to create a swinging feel.
    Maybe we can do this with a button combination involving the "start" button and then turning a knob to shift the offset by milliseconds.