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Marbella, Spain
  • Chamber Music + Deluge + Eurorack

    This is a little piece I wrote for the final audition of the academic year, in the music school where I work.

    It is the first time I mix a little chamber music set with electronic music, in this case playing a little Eurorack system and a Synthstrom Deluge doing the sequencing and a few samples. My purpose was to integrate the electronic part with the acoustic instruments so they could work well together as a one.

    I bought the Synthstrom Deluge only 2 weeks ago, and it was used for some sample drums and fx, and mainly for sequencing. It was something simple but worked perfectly.

    The eurorack system is using mainly a Mutable Instruments Plaits in Modal Resonator mode, thru a WMD MMF filter and a Chronoblob for delay. Mutable Instruments Peaks for the Kick drum. Happy Nerding 3xMIA for mixing. ALM Pamela NW for modulation.

  • Deluge + Waldorf Rocket + Elektron Analog Keys

    Waldorf Rocket arpeggios sequenced, and recorded by the Deluge. Also added delay and reverb to the audio IN LR.
    Recording the Deluge and the Waldorf Rocket was very easy, directly to the Deluge's SD card. Then imported to 1 track of Logic, and aplying only a little eq and compressor.

    Later I thought I needed a bass in the middle of the track, and recorded it with the Analog Keys. Again a little bit of eq and compressor.

    Afterwards I added a mastering preset to the master bus and adjusted the levels a little bit.

  • Folder structure for organizing presets

    Yes. This is a very important feature for a good organization as synth presets and kits are growing more and more.

  • Sequence mangling tools in song view for live playing variations.

    In my opinion, all tools/improvements done to live playing are welcome. This kind of tools are very fun to play with, in a live enviroment.

  • 100 Presets for Synthstrom Deluge

    What's the best method to load this sounds into the Deluge?
    Now, in OS 2.0, there are synths that reach number 167, so...
    Do you have to rename the files?
    Or can you use multiple folders inside the Synth folder?