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  • Sequence direction/note order manipulation like Squid/Spectralis/Engine/Pyramid/Carbon sequencers

    I’m sure this has been suggested somewhere but couldn’t find it.

    I was watching the new marketing video for the new Pioneer Squid sequencer and the live play variations and it reminded me how fun my Spectralis is in this regard as well as the options I’ve seen with Squarp Pyramid, Social Entropy Engine, Kilpatrick Audio Carbon and a few modular based sequencers.

    The Deluge could easily do this I think. Being able to forward/reverse/randomize/template manipulate a midi sequence live would add some great Live Play variations to what might be an otherwise stagnant midi loop on a track. Would be cool in track view to have these options. Jump into track mode, select a track for the track view, then mix it up crazy while retaining original midi sequence pattern in memory.

    The new Pioneer Squid is somewhat limited in resolution and is a sequencer only, but at $600 it is comparably priced for its competition (Engine/Carbon/Pyramid come to mind immediately as direct competition) and Live Play features look really fun, but think the Deluge would be a prime candidate for this type of sequence manipulation too.

  • Midi FX

    Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but would be nice to see some midi fx implemented like you can get on the Squarp Pyramid or Yamaha RM1x. Midi delays, quantize variation templates, harmonizer (instant chords with harmonizer), etc

    Would add a little ease in variation implementing. Anyone that has played with an RM1x sequencer or RS7000 sequencer will know what these fx do or even a Roland Fantom, MV production sampler, or MC series sequencer for quantize variations.

  • Deluge firmware V2.1.1 released

    I just installed 2.1.1 yesterday. Had 2.0 previously. You guys must have made improvements to synth engine. It sounds better or presets are better. Thanks for all the hard work. Incredible dedication to customer requests. Can’t wait to see what you implement next. Very exciting. Was happy with original OS at 1.whatever it was (can’t remember) but knew 2.0 was coming in several months when I purchased. Just really great service particularly after buying this after giving up on Akai and their new mpc’s and seeing all the complaints and lack of announcements to their customers. Granted they have been working hard on bug fixes and features as well, but experience seems night and day in comparison. Particularly when you know what a small team Synthstrom Audible has and still really tries their best to be attentive of their customers. Best value machine I’ve seen in awhile. B)

  • New Deluge manual / producer guide out now.

    Finally got around to logging in again and ordering my 3.0 shortcuts overlay and what’s this? A great manual out now. Perfect. Thanks to everyone that works hard at making the Deluge one of the best purchases for music gear!

  • Kits, sampling and keyboard mode (basic concept and some more advanced thoughts)

    This would be a welcome feature. Like a giant Launchpad grid.



    Not sure if this has anything to do with what you are asking for, but a per midi track midi filter would be great. Have common midi message filter options to be enabled per midi out track. This can be done with external midi filter units, but would be really convenient and save on cabling to have this option right on the Deluge.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    @MK_0 said:

    @amiga909 said:
    i am confused by abletonish uses of the words clip and track.

    In some of your posts it became obviously that you don’t know Ableton’s session view. Maybe you should watch a few videos - then it should be more constructive to add your suggestions (don’t want to be unfriendly just constructive).

    First thing, forget about the terminology of “tracks“ in terms of Deluge. Deluge has no “real“ tracks in compare to other sequencers or DAWs, because they aren’t fixed - you need to duplicate them often (which is one of the main problems). I will try to explain...

    Track: Look at a common mixer. A track is a vertical row, it contains an instrument (or MIDI channel), EQ and its effects.

    Clip: A clip is a part of a track (a track could contain many clips, which are also ordered vertically). A clip contains either audio data, or MIDI data (notes, CC automations, amount of bars...). A clip is somekind of a variation of your melody (or different instrument settings). Per track there is only 1 clip which can play per time.

    Scene: A scene is a horizontal row of clips. You can press the play button of a scene and all clips in that horizontal row will start to play (if there is no clip, this track is quiet). A scene is a bit similar to Deluges sections.

    Sorry, but I ran Ableton from version 3 (pre-midi/vst) until version 8 and Ableton “tracks” are horizontal in the Arrangement view and only vertical in the session view where clips are. Yes, “scenes” (where you can launch a row of clips) are horizontal in session view and Deluge could be setup easily to launch from the 16 pads on the far right, but in the track views of the Deluge, tracks are actually the most similar to “clips” in Ableton’s session view.

    For those wanting to understand the terms without using Ableton, it’s probably a little difficult to conceptualize the Ableton workflow. I’m a little tired of seeing posts here though that want to make the Deluge an “Ableton in a box” by Ableton users and misunderstanding or apprehension naturally comes from those unfamiliar with Ableton.

    I gave up Ableton and the computer DAW in 2014 and switched over to a MV8800 as my centerpiece sequencer/recorder/sampler/production station and it was very different but had some similarities but for a long time I wished it was more like Ableton. Then I learned to appreciate it for what it was and not what it wasn’t and stopped wishing it was more like Ableton in a box. I bought the Deluge last year when NAMM video talked about version 2 features and I assumed it would record to arranger but it didn’t. Then they implemented recording to arranger. I’m going to appreciate all the features of the Deluge for what they are and the fantastic workflow it has, but stopped wishing it was an Ableton in a box machine. There is Akai Force if one wants to go that direction. I’d prefer to wait and see what other great features get implemented by the Synthstrom crew and adapt. If they make a one to one sessions type workflow like Ableton, then great, but if not, it’s not going to stop me working the Deluge. They might just decide the same apprehension or confusion will be had by current users and opt out of yet a 4th function on the Deluge. We have tracks, songs, arranger already. Putting a 4th “Sessions and switching it up to vertical tracks in my opinion would be confusing to the current views I have also and this from someone that ran Ableton from 2003 to 2014.