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Wellington, New Zealand
  • Please read first before posting

    This is a place to say what features you would most like to see on the Deluge in future. If you have an idea, start a thread on this forum explaining it. If you like an idea, please upvote it so we can see which are most popular.

    We already have a bunch of ideas we believe would be able to work on the existing hardware and would love to see featured but can’t offer any sort of implementation timeline just yet, some of these features include:

    Copy / load just one track in from another saved song (DONE)
    Streaming audio directly from SD card (DONE)
    Live processing of audio input (DONE)
    MIDI file import / export
    WAV file export / mixdown

    Also, some really significant additions which we understand the demand for but are not part of our roadmap at the moment, though may in the future, include:
    Software editor
    DAW integration

    for ideas other than those mentioned above, start a thread and tell us what you're thinking.

  • Newsletter - Apr/May 2018

    Deluge 2.0 firmware release coming soon.

    Synthstrom Audible lead engineer Rohan Hill has been working on a number of significant changes to the Deluge’s firmware which make it a brand new user experience, so much so, we’re proud today to announce the imminent arrival of a huge 2.0 firmware update to our Deluge workstation.

    We’ll be unveiling several of the new features at Superbooth in Berlin, May 3rd-5th (come visit us in person at booth E270). The full update and public release will come in June, which as always, will be a free update for all our existing users.

    Stay tuned to your favourite audio YouTube channels in May to see/hear the new features in action.

    Deluge 2.0 firmware update tease.
    See and hear it at Superbooth, Berlin, May 3rd-5th 2018
    Estimated release, June 2018

    New features include (among others):
    We believe this to be the most powerful and flexible song arranging mode of any modern hardware sequencer.
    New analog-modelled filter "drive" and oscillator types are a significant addition to the Deluge's already feature-rich synth engine.
    You read that right - since firmware V1.2.0 added the streaming of all samples directly from the SD card, the Deluge's 64MB RAM chip has for the most part been sitting unutilized. With firmware V2.0, this memory is shared with the Deluge's general functions, making around 30x more working memory available for your song and its tracks, synths, notes and parameter automation.
    Major overhaul of Deluge's audio and synth engine for significantly improved CPU efficiency (by 30-50%).

    Superbooth Pre-party.
    As well as Superbooth (booth E270) being our first proper synth trade-show appearance, we are super excited about throwing a special free party in Berlin the night before Superbooth featuring short performances from 13 Deluge users!
    Details here on our Facebook event:
    May 2nd, 8pm at Acud Macht Neu
    Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

    Official Tshirt
    The first official Synthstrom Audible tshirt – a Wellington collab. Amazing illustration by Stacy Eyles and printed by Artisan Screen Prints, both from Wellington.
    (Gold and white ink on black tee)

    Special Superbooth EU Deal.
    We'll be bringing some Tshirts with us to Germany, so if you place an order by APRIL 20, we'll ship your tee from Germany in early May meaning no customs charges and cheaper shipping for European orders to the following countries:
    Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

    User Performance Videos
    In this newsletter I thought I'd take the opportunity to show work by one Deluge user who goes by the name of EZBOT (still from video above).
    EZBOT has a bunch of great performance videos with his Deluge + Eurorack set-up.
    Follow him on Facebook
    Make This Right:
    2HP Free Glitch:
    The Gates of Hell:
    Mangrove Acid Bath:
    He is also on Patreon:

    Deluge Europe Summer Tour
    Are you in Europe and keen for Synthstrom Audible to come visit your studio and give a private demo to you and some friends? Send us an email!
    Do you have a DIY space? In a synth meet-up group? Have synth get-togethers? Let's play :) Email:

    The Synthstrom Audible Internet Wormhole
    Here is everything Synthstrom Audible online:
    Our support content:
    Official forums
    Manual (online version):
    Shop (Buy a Deluge here!)
    Synthstrom Audible on Facebook
    Our official Facebook page:

    Synthstrom Deluge (Open Group)
    This FB group is for anybody, not just owners

    Official FB Users (Closed Group)
    This is owners only. If your FB name doesn’t match your name your purchased Deluge with, email me to verify your identity.

    Our firmware testers group. This is where you can download and try the next version of the software (once we have one for you to try). Bare in mind it is unreleased, so save often as crashes do happen. Each time we release new features, the users here will get to test them before we put into the wild.
    (Again, this is for owners only, so please verify your identity)

  • Audio over USB (aka crossing that Overbridge)

    DVB, we haven't prioritised other things specifically, it's just there are huge UI changes for those two remaining features, they are being worked on, as well as a ton of refinements to existing workflow and also a whole bunch of new features. Trust us, haha, we know everything you you can think of before you think of it. We've lived and breathed Deluge for years and I spend every day reading multiple different forums opinions on it as well as speaking with users in person constantly, there isn't anything we aren't aware of :) My feature/refinement spreadsheet/roadmap (don't ask to see it, lol) is epic.

  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    We do exactly what you ask and have done so since the beginning, we continue to refine as well as develop, there are no plans to stop doing that.

  • Set note velocity (for entering new notes)

    @llexam said:
    It would be helpful if there was a dev roadmap showing what suggestions were being considered, etc. Rohan et al. may be implementing features with low vote count and we would never know.

    We may certainly implement features with low votes counts. Votes do have a little bit of sway, but not as much as an important idea - at the end of the day we go through all the suggestions and work out what makes sense to implement at a given time, and also trying to balance additions so multiple workflows are serviced with each release. A feature one user see's as essential, another has no interest in - we try to balance that each release see's each core workflow getting at least something beneficial.

    Some changes some users see as being simple are quite challenging, if something is being changed to how it was originally implemented, it means much more consideration in the coding and much more difficulty in having changes not wreck havoc on existing saved material - implementing a brand new idea is easier than making changes to an existing one - that said, we totally understand the need to adaptions, and are always listening.

    We don't publish a roadmap as it puts unneeded pressure and stress on Rohan. We don't want people constantly thinking about what the Deluge could be, and instead to simply work to how it is today and to enjoy new features and changes when they happen rather than drowning in anxiety waiting for things to happen.

  • Please read first before posting

    It is a very complex feature that Rohan is always working towards. We have not forgotten these promises.

  • Move useful content away from Facebook

    The closed Deluge users Facebook group is far less used than this site, maybe 1-2 posts a day at the very most. Anything important that we share on there, we also share on here.

    The "open" group which is busy: isn't run by Synthstrom Audible and is convenient for people on FB and not our place to move that content.

    The "beta testers" page is currently on FB, and yes, perhaps one day that might get moved to here, however, currently FB is the perfect platform, it is unfortunately far better for that particular purpose than this forum, plus, having to verify people's identity and ownership of a Deluge is a lot of work (for me) - if I have to start from scratch doing that on this forum it's asking a lot of me, and we don't have time at the moment. We have started background work to potentially move that here one day, but not in the imminent future.

    I am totally sympathetic to people who don't support FB as a platform, these forums need an overhaul first and while that is on the agenda, we have much to do first.

    Sorry :( But we'll be using Suckerberg's website for a little while longer

  • Recording live INTO arranger mode so it reflects a jam timeline

    Yes. Rohan is really keen to have this functionality in a future update.

  • Important note concerning SD cards for Deluges purchased between April 12th and July 8th, 2018

    Note. If you wish to just get your own replacement card, incase you haven't heard, you are able to use practically any size SD card, just with a simple hack (for those bigger than 32GB), details here:

  • SSD card

    You only need to format it if you're wanting to use cards larger than 32gb.