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  • Please read first before posting

    This is a place to say what features you would most like to see on the Deluge in future. If you have an idea, start a thread on this forum explaining it. If you like an idea, please upvote it so we can see which are most popular.

    We already have a bunch of ideas we believe would be able to work on the existing hardware and would love to see featured but can’t offer any sort of implementation timeline just yet, some of these features include:

    Copy / load just one track in from another saved song (DONE)
    Streaming audio directly from SD card (DONE)
    Live processing of audio input (DONE)
    MIDI file import / export
    WAV file export / mixdown

    Also, some really significant additions which we understand the demand for but are not part of our roadmap at the moment, though may in the future, include:
    Software editor
    DAW integration

    for ideas other than those mentioned above, start a thread and tell us what you're thinking.

  • Why is the Deluge being ignored by the big music tech sites?

    Because I'm not sending them Deluges :) Because we don't even have enough to sell to people who want them who are definitely the priority.
    We don't care if sites don't talk about us.. We care if users do.

  • New 2.1 firmware tease: Multisampling

  • Audio over USB (aka crossing that Overbridge)

    DVB, we haven't prioritised other things specifically, it's just there are huge UI changes for those two remaining features, they are being worked on, as well as a ton of refinements to existing workflow and also a whole bunch of new features. Trust us, haha, we know everything you you can think of before you think of it. We've lived and breathed Deluge for years and I spend every day reading multiple different forums opinions on it as well as speaking with users in person constantly, there isn't anything we aren't aware of :) My feature/refinement spreadsheet/roadmap (don't ask to see it, lol) is epic.

  • New Synth Presets?

    Hey everyone!

    With the coming updates on of the new osc types and drive filer, Rohan and I thought it was about time to update the standard presets that come with the Deluge.

    We’d be really keen though to involve the community in this, so hoping that you're keen to share your favourite presets with the world!

    If you’re keen, please send me maximum eight .xml files to (by June 7th 8am US ET - real soon) alongside a maximum five word description of each preset too. Please just one email per person.

    Also, if you are keen, give me the name and URL you’d like me to publish in the manual when crediting each of the presets used. These will be in the online manual too. To thank those whose presets we end up using we'll send you a li'l wee gift in a while :)
    Apologies if we are not able to use any presets you send us, we won’t be able to use all. As well as considering the new ASAW/ASQUARE and Drive Filter, please don’t forget all the other features of the current synth engine, especially if you don’t have the current beta.

    If you are really keen to contribute, but can’t make that deadline, send me an email and let me know when you could get them to me by.

  • Hey guys it's me DNSB and I'm from the UK! Thoughts so far!

    Chur chur, welcome to the team!

    Haha, so you know, we market very lightly and passively, as we only just keep up with demand as is, if we went out with a big campaign we'd sell out instantly and run out and disappoint people - we went through that cyclical stage in the past and we're trying to just keep in stock constantly now, which is difficult - we don't want to go back to waiting lists again (if we can help it). We basically do what we need to do to keep ticking along. Our videos are DIY because we make them in our lounges on rickety tripods (and then record the audio poorly) :)

    Rather than spending too much energy on visible marketing we spend that time fielding enquiries, engaging in public demos and developing the software, there is truth to the adage that when you make something good that it sells itself. There is marketing going on in the background, but its very different to other companies etc. Ie, you'll see us do things like demos at peoples houses, throw parties, workshops. I just spent today doing around 6 hours of workshops. We do these all over the place. We're a very personal company - we like to sell our devices direct to people and we like to meet people. You'll see lots more of that from us this year through lots of countries - we're throwing a party next week in Berlin with a dozen of our users, we just like hanging out, meeting people and sharing our passion - I'd rather spend effort doing that than anything else, much more rewarding personally.

    I'll be in the UK in late June doing some workshops and events, so maybe see ya there!

    It is still very early days for the forum, we don't have the user base that other product have, plus many users like using the "open group" on Facebook, and hey, if the platform works for them, it works for them.

    Welcome :)

  • Please read first before posting

    It is a very complex feature that Rohan is always working towards. We have not forgotten these promises.

  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    We do exactly what you ask and have done so since the beginning, we continue to refine as well as develop, there are no plans to stop doing that.

  • Move useful content away from Facebook

    The closed Deluge users Facebook group is far less used than this site, maybe 1-2 posts a day at the very most. Anything important that we share on there, we also share on here.

    The "open" group which is busy: isn't run by Synthstrom Audible and is convenient for people on FB and not our place to move that content.

    The "beta testers" page is currently on FB, and yes, perhaps one day that might get moved to here, however, currently FB is the perfect platform, it is unfortunately far better for that particular purpose than this forum, plus, having to verify people's identity and ownership of a Deluge is a lot of work (for me) - if I have to start from scratch doing that on this forum it's asking a lot of me, and we don't have time at the moment. We have started background work to potentially move that here one day, but not in the imminent future.

    I am totally sympathetic to people who don't support FB as a platform, these forums need an overhaul first and while that is on the agenda, we have much to do first.

    Sorry :( But we'll be using Suckerberg's website for a little while longer

  • Empty track between other tracks

    Just do so. Start a fresh track but don't input any notes in it. When in song view it will appear blank. It will have a "section" colour assigned to it, nothing you can do about that, but you could always change all your blank tracks to a specific section colour too.