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  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    I own my Deluge a while (since the first batch). So I experienced almost all updates, which has been very powerful and I really appreciate them a lot! From my point of view the biggest strength of Deluge is it’s directly intuitive handling and you can quickly program your current ideas.

    On the other hand I got the impression that the focus of the updates is more concentrated to huge and new features - than to the little enhancements, i.e. completing/finishing functions, enhance the workflow and stuff like this...

    So, there are many little things which doesn’t fit to the overall impression, little issues where I can’t see why they are still not working or not working intuitive.

    To get an impression of what type of things I mean: for an unknown reason some parameters are not automatable (stutter fx, sample start/end pionts, reverse, mute/unmute..), gold knob‘s parameter values are still missing, deleting presets and samples is not possible, zoom levels of tracks or song view are not remembered, long notes still stop when launching a cloned track, no undo for many actions available, some fx are non sensitive and have a harsh low end, midi assignments just work for single patches not globally, copy all events (and the whole track) at once is missing, nudging single notes not possible, there is a fancy audio input but not a simple audio in thru, song mode has a bad overview, etc.

    Of course there are more issues like that and of course not all are important for everyone. What I just like to say in summary is: please complete some functions and in common take a closer look to the little (but important) things.


  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    Great to get any feedback Ian, thanks a lot! I’m really sure you’re doing your best. Just hope that future updates will be -a little bit more- focused on eliminating illogical behaviors, instead of many completely new and huge features (which are also understandable, because of other important requests and needed promotion, too).

  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    Edited because of a potentially misunderstanding.

    This is a “Software Suggestions“ thread, so I wrote about a general suggestion for the development of the software, hoping that the Deluge team is taking it a bit to their heart in common. This thread can stay besides the usual feature requests for enhancing functionalities, which are (by the way) already existing.

    Of course everyone is free to post about a unfinished (or strange implemented) function in a separate new thread. But this topic should be about the common development.

  • All parameter changes affect all clones

    @rcz said:
    I see a few good solutions in this thread but it seems to boil down to what is default versus "extra action" behavior. My preference is to have the default behavior be DAW mode with extra action taken to differentiate parameters between clips.

    +1 absolutely.

  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    @minigoat said:
    the deluge is kind of made to just embrace a chaotic sandbox mentality. Like its just not entirely designed to be one thing but at the same time it's just one thing, if that makes sense?

    This makes absolutely sense and I feel the same. Hope there is a masterplan which will eliminate this sandbox feeling soon.

    @muleskinner said:
    Not everything can be done at once. Just keep upvoting and have patience, young padawan.

    You didn’t get the point I was speaking about, I didn’t mean new features. So I will explain it one more time, young padawan.

    There are 2 kinds of developments.
    Developer A is more slowly than Dev B, because he invests a lot of time in research how to implement things to gain the most intuitive and musican friendly interface. The result is less functions, but they are working very smoothly and well thought out. The time of developer B is more concentrated to implement as many functions as possible, so everyone is happy (in theory). So, there is a huge amount of features, but it’s possible that they aren’t working same smoothly like the ones of Dev A.

    I would interpret the Deluge to category B. Tough, to be fair the Deluge also has its very brilliant aspects.

    As an example, let's take the undo redo function. There are many commands wich can’t be undone, so the user always need to remember which functions will be undone when hitting the button, otherwise there are happening unwanted results. This isn’t musician friendly. Why not completing this feature before adding new features? Same with many other features.

    Because we are speaking about step sequencers, lets compare the widespread Korg Electribe ESX-1 with the new Electribe 2. If you take a deeper look, it’s easy to recognize that the ESX-1 had another development philosophy than the Electribe 2. It seems that there were 2 completely different teams developing this 2 machines. ESX-1 has less functions but is well thought out. E2 has more functions, but in practice some are not working (well), or just working with a lot of pain.

    Hope that makes it more clearly for you. If not it’s also OK, of course.

  • Make “Shift+Mute” button combo Midi learnable/recordable

    +1 a MIDI learnable Shift+Mute command would be nice!