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  • Creating an open community platform?

    In our community are a lot "hands" willing to help for a lot of things. Therefore I would like to ask if there is an interest from Synthstrom that we, the community, try to help to create a new, better manageable and open platform for Synthstrom and the community.
    Just one example, there are a lot people that would like to join the beta program and help on the work for the final release. But unfortunately they have good reasons not to join facebook.

    If there is an interest we could start a suggestion and evaluation discussion, where community people suggests projects with some evaluation (not just dropping URLs)

    1. Discourse ( as a free and open Forum Plattform
    2. ( as a Blogging platform for articles from synthstrom and maybe articles from the community. Like
    3. Social Network like Friendica, Pleroma , Mastodon or some other as replacement for Facebook or Twitter
    4. Gettogether or Molbilizon as an event plattform, instead of Facebook or Meetup

    And maybe we go further with
    1. Peertube as an Youtube replacement
    2. Funkwhale as a Soundcloud replacement

    There are a lot more Infos from the site (France) about tools for the community.

    The biggest advantage of such opensource tools is, that they already using or start using a shared communication protocol called AcitivityPub or just RSS feeds to communicate or publish.

    So, if there is any interest on creating such a platform, maybe the community can help with their experience, their knowledge and their motivation to help. Because 3 eyes see more than just 2 eyes ;)

    May I ask your opinion @Ian_Jorgensen ?

  • Arranger recording automation wanted

    It would be great if you could record and edit filter, effect, envelope etc on the arranger view, like you can do in the track view. That would help to master a song for half or full "playback" as well for live sessions, where you want to change many things at the same time, but you are too slow and you don't have enough hands and fingers ;)

    PS: The arranger automation should only apply to the arranger and should not change the automation of the original track.

  • Song Editor and MPE support (Roli, Linnstrument, etc.)

    Yes it seems to be one of the "coming soon" features

    X and Y (coming soon) - MIDI MPE support will be added in a future Deluge firmware update. These modulation sources refer to the horizontal and vertical sideways pressure which a user of an MPE-compatible MIDI controller may apply to each key with the finger pressing it.

    I hope when implementing MPE the MIDI implementation will be done together with
    1. a finally full implementation of Midi
    2. finalize the half implemented Midi 1.0 standard
    3. the rework of global and local Midi definition clutter
    4. the removal of the weird 50 step options in favor of 127 steps ... or
    5. maybe Midi 2.0 ?

  • Midi! Midi! MIDI! (ProgramChange, access to Instant/Quantized launch/solo/mute via midi, cc ....)

    Fully agree. As well the strange and limited 50 steps parameter change of all effects and filters instead of 127.
    And MIDI 2.0 is comming

  • Is this synth feature removed in FW 3.0 ? + off topic discussion

    Ok, but wouldn't it been better, to do it like e.g. this

    1. Choose a synth e.g. 3
    2. new clip, scrolling from 2 upwards and there is a blinking 3a
    3. if you like to use the 3a preset, you press the select knob -> a preset is created
    4. You just choose another synth e.g. 4 and no additional preset is created

    This workflow is much more intuitive and similar to the old way but without creating automatically new patches. And you don't have to press several new hotkeys.

  • Deluge Firmware 3.1 Teaser

    I love the deluges high BPM. You can play songs so so fast, you never lose too much time again with endless listening to slow tracks. Just turn up the BPM to max and you save a vastly amount of time. Even with the new feature where you can increase the resolution is so great. Now you can listen to so many more details in such a short time. It is awesome!

  • Find Kit Sounds & Samples More "Visually"

    The same could be taken for the presets with maybe playing when holding down a pad, while the name of the song is displayed.

  • Klimberli Deluge

    WOW, there must be some very toxic grumpy people out there giving down votes on a track. Or maybe it is just jealousy ....

  • Empty clip with same preset not possible? (was it ever?)

    It was possible in a former Firmware. But then the decision was to make it more complicated to achive the same .. see here

  • Open source firmware

    @muleskinner said:
    I have dealt with an awful lot of open source projects. I know the benefits in theory but in practice it often doesn't work out. It's an awful lot of work maintaining a genuine community-based open source project and what you tend to end up with is 'forks' managed by individuals which represent a bunch of interesting alternatives rather than a single, improved 'whole'. This can be interesting in itself but I think the Deluge is too complex a piece of hardware for that approach to really work out.

    I don't think there is a will to fork the work of the deluge. even if it would be possible. And if somebody would fork, I personally wouldn't want to use it.

    And people talking about opensource shouldn't go with the "everything has to be a whole new world" idea. Just let's face this: The Deluge is awesome and if there would be an opening to opensource, people could send in not only ideas they could send in code, tables, patches and so on. The maintainer, in this case Synthstrom, would decide what will come into the project and what not.

    For example people could work on the reverb effect, that it would sound not that metallic, while the developer(s) could work on improving the code or on new features. The work could be shared with people that are skilled enough.

    The "I had so much bad experience with" doesn't help, even that i'm sorry for you, that it didn't work out in that areas you where searching. On the other hand, there are so many many projects, that are pointing in an completely other direction like success. It all depends on the community and the maintainer.

    You know, even if the Deluge would become OpenSource, Synthstrom as maintainer has no obligation to only take one single patch of the community

    It does work out sometimes (I use an open source project for the bulk of my development work) but it needs a lot of time from a lot of dedicated individuals to make it happen.

    Yes and even if there is nobody sending in patches, you donn't lose anything. You only can win, because a lot people just like "there is the possibility" chance.

    I had a typo in my text: "Deluve" ... and I luv it ;)