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  • Fader Mode: Set Volume All Tracks from Left To Right

    If there were such a mode, all the tracks would be shown as bars representing their volume.
    You could then fade them all relatively, seeing what the others are. Very handy.
    ( The track launch buttons would still retain their normal function, so you could possibly play an entire session in this mode. )

    This feature is present on the Tenori-on, and it's so useful. Often I would begin playing with everything faded down, and then slowly bring in all the tracks.

  • Red LED Screen Wishes - Flash the current Knob Functions, etc?

    As I'm learning the Deluge, I realize I really miss another feature from Electribe etc.
    Pressing the buttons between the gold knobs, it's easy to select the wrong one.
    ( The lettering is small, and can't be seen in the dark! So I try to memorize the position... )
    If the screen just briefly said "CUTO" then "RESO" for example, you'd know you were editing filter.
    Turning the knob would bring up the current number as normal.

    This would also help with the Shortcut edits, because the text there is even less readable. ; - )
    ( Perhaps our eyes were already blurred by too much laptop DAW usage? )

    Yes, I want to use this in shows, where the lighting can be really chaotic!
    And you want to look at the audience instead of the gear as much as possible. 8 - )

    Electribe 2 surface printing is also difficult, but the presence of the little screen as above really helps!

    I was really skeptical of a design with no dot matrix screen, but the rest of it is so cool, I thought it justified.
    ( I suppose it's a bit more of a power drain? )

    Still would wish to name the song files. Glad there are 999 with A-Z! At last I won't run out of space

  • SHIFT button Lock or Latch ? Double click to toggle?

    Suppose you want to do something which involves holding Shift, but you'd like to move your hand elsewhere. Maybe "double clicking" the Shift would light it or not, having the function of holding it down for you. Handy for doing the Shift + Track Launch and such!

  • Cloned track with same synth

    This Deluge way could be used to do a lot of things! But I still wish for the simpler way I'm used to, on Electribes, etc. Which is:
    Every param for a synth is a Global value per file, UNLESS that is being overwritten by a "motion sequence" of knob adjustments.

    Also, every synth has an internal sound AND a MIDI out channel, it's not OR.
    ( which makes it easy to write songs while away from your full studio of outboard gear.)

  • Modify the "stutter" effect so that it is affecting the sequencer rather than the audio playback

    Each style has it's advantages. To have both would be best, eventually.

  • Arpeggiator additions

    Arp is lots of fun! I'd like to be able to change the note division with the gold knobs, and LFOs

    ( See also the thread on "note repeat". )

  • Bernie Trump.....Short but sweet

    If you want that jerk, you can have him! He certainly has lead our country to ruin, with inept and self serving response to the c19 disaster.
    Living elsewhere, you probably don't understand the significant racism associated with Trump, and especially the groups that support him, it's nothing to idolize.

  • Option to stop arrangement playback without letting the playhead jump back to start

    +1 also handy if editing a long chord progression