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  • "Micro Timing" - (hold note & push-turn up/down knob)

    Like on the Analog Rytm, shift notes forward or backward in very small increments. This would be much easier than having to zoom in and out to make a small, quick adjustment to a note's placement.

  • "Scrub" mode for editing sample start/end points

    What I mean by this is fairly simple in concept, I have no idea if it would be too taxing on the processor or anything like that.

    Basically, you would set a sample's start and end points as usual to determine the region of the audio that will play. But then, you could hold "shift" while adjusting the start point and, as you do so, it would adjust the sample's endpoint by the same amount so that the audio region that is playing back would remain the same size. Even better if we could modulate this with p-locks, envelopes and/or LFO's, but I'd be ecstatic even with just manual editing.

    Application: Putting dozens or even hundreds of single cycle waveforms into one long sample chain, setting a very short region to "loop" playback to use as your synth waveform. Now, of course, most of us are familiar with this type of synthesis and the Deluge seems to handle it very well. BUT if you could easily move through the sample chain, you would be able to pinpoint an extraordinary number of different timbres in this way.

    Of course, this effect can be achieved now, but it involves editing your endpoint, going back to the start point parameter and editing that by the same amount and repeating until you find that sweet spot. But imagine if we could just scroll or "scrub" our way through the waveform and dial in a sound that we like, just as you would sweep a filter. And with modulation added (if that would be possible), you could make the most beautifully complex and evolving pad sounds you can imagine. I believe this is the method the old Ensoniq's used, if I'm not mistaken.

    I beg you, if you can, please make this happen. :)

  • Newsletter - Apr/May 2018

    As always, can't thank you guys enough for all the hard work. I've been burned numerous times by gear that was simply abandoned by the manufacturer and you just keep making the Deluge better. It is truly appreciated.

  • Interface idea for note repeat in “kit” mode (simple and logical)

    I was kind of hoping that, eventually, maybe they would make that into a keyboard mode to play each sound in the kit chromatically. Like, you'd still have access to 8 drum sounds at once, but the 16 pads in that sound's row would play it at different pitches and you could adjust the pitch range that is displayed using the left/right encoder.

    But this also sounds like a great idea, so you've got my upvote.

  • Ideas for improve the synth engine!

    I made a thread with an idea that would blow this synth engine wide open, as far as working with single cycle waveforms is concerned. Check it out here and upvote if you think it sounds good: