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  • Fine Note Length Adjustment

    It would be helpful if you could adjust the length of an existing note by pressing/holding the note's pad on the grid and the turning <> to make it it longer or shorter (by small amounts maybe as a percentage of the time division of the view level). I think this would be helpful when wanting to edit longer sequences.

    In case I am not explaining myself well, the sequencer on the minilogue has this feature and it makes it easy to create grooves even when you are limited to 1/16th notes or what have you. You select a step in the sequence and then adjust the gate from 0-100%. So at 1/16th note per step, 50% gate gives you a note that is 1/32nd in length.

  • expect censorship

    Did you not research what you were buying? Have you looked at other sequencers in this price range? other samplers? The deluge has not been misrepresented by Synthstrom, so it is kind of odd that you are so dissatisfied with your purchase.

    You should just sell yours and GTFO this forum. It seems like you spend more time on the forum when you should be spending more time learning how to actually use your deluge. It is not going to make music for you.

  • What does pulse width do on non-square waveforms?

    Square behaves as expected, so I did not make a gif of that one. The sine, saw, and triangle all seem to approach an octave up.



  • What does pulse width do on non-square waveforms?

    I am not super knowledgeable in the physics of the waves and all that, but it actually sounds like as you turn up the PW on each wave the pitch rises until you hit the next octave up, so the wave is repeating twice as often. Between 0 and 50 you get some Interesting harmonic changes because the wave is restarting before it completes a cycle, similar to what happens when you sync oscillators that have different pitches. The incomplete cycles tend to make for unusual harmonic series.

    I should also clarify, the gifs show me turning the PW up to 50 and then slowly back to 0. I think my oscilloscope is automatically adjusting itself to show two compete wave cycles, so right when it hits 50 and is actually an octave higher, the window automatically adjusts and you suddenly see 2 cycles again after seeing 4 cycles momentarily.

  • Which mic do you use?

    I got an XLR to 1/8th inch adapter and have been using a Shure SM58. I have not messed around with it much but it did work, surprisingly.

  • Studio Setup

    generally the corner is not a good spot (as you've discovered). I think you are going to have to play around with your setup and tweak it as you go. Check out the videos on youtube regarding DIY acoustic paneling - I think you can treat your room to make it work in the configuration in the right image, though you wont know until you try. I am not sure how the space on each side of the chimney is going to affect translation.