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cincinnati ohio usa
  • Synth Engine Randomizer

    A randomizer for the synth engine! Probably not for --every-- parameter, but all the good ones at least.
    Its really great for those spaced-out moments, when you want to just press a button over and over. You can get some suprising results you might not have come across otherwise, to then build off from.

  • knob learn(plock) for sample reverse, midi program change, note retrigger and sample start point

    Any of those...all would be great!
  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    Perfect the basics now, before they get buried and lost in too many new ideas. (at least that's how i would approach development.)
    ive been wondering lately, as i try to organize my song parts and sample and what-not, that maybe the deluge is kind of made to just embrace a chaotic sandbox mentality. Like its just not entirely designed to be one thing but at the same time it's just one thing, if that makes sense?
    It feels brilliant in the way you would be amazed at a tornado somehow creating a helicopter after passing thru a junk yard.
    So I don't know, maybe there's some master plan that requires sidesteps we would all insist were necessary, but prove irrelevant in the long run? Or it's just luck that its worked this well? A little of both I would guess.
    Anyways, thanks for the post @MK_0 .

  • i was just...

    having a read through the online manual and noticed a section about note probability and thought: "huhhh, i dont recall reading that before, i thought that was in a future update, maybe i dont understand this..." and considered creating a post on here asking about it when a nice surprise of ----New Firmware 1.4----greets me on the recent discussion page.
    Your awesome Synthstrom!! Thanks for working this gem and may much earned prosperity come to you and yours!

  • Sample waveform visualization

    @robleighton22 said:
    Damn, would eat my hat if this ever got implemented. But goes to show how cool having this many pads is.

    **clears throat...slides the salt

  • Tips and Tricks

    Just found you can run the arp on the external line-in source.

    and keeping the "octaves" setting to 1 gets you a slicer effect on the input.

  • Copy + Paste Blocks of tracks in the arranger (Pop-song-style)

    My guess is copy/ paste is planned for arrangement already. I would also guess that time regional copies would be the natural implementation, since you can already pretty much add any instance, as if it were copied per track now, by turning the select knob when adding instances.

  • Affect Entire - exclusions

    @darenager You have some good ideas for the Deluge, I've noticed. Have I read you saying you don't do facebook? You would be helpful on the next beta tester round. I don't do the fb either, but did create a dummy account just to join. Just sayin...