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  • Programming chords in keyboard mode

    At the moment the rows with the mute/launch and audition/section buttons have no function. It could be handy if a user could assign chords at this section which are played back when a button is pressed.

    Minimal viable product
    - press and hold at least one key in keyboard mode
    - press one of the audition/launch buttons
    - on release, the pressed keys are stored
    - to play the chord back, press the assigned button

    - The arpeggiator could also work with these assigned buttons

  • OLED display upgrade option

    (I know, not only software)
    Develop a hardware and software patch which replaces the current 4 digit display with a 128x32 OLED display. This would dramatically increase the usability. Publish the instructions for this (hardware) patch online and/or tell us a price and a service partner where to send the device.

  • Make every aspect of the Deluge sound synthesis accessible via MIDI

    As a sound engineer I want to program an own MIDI controller to edit every sound parameter of the Deluge so that the workflow is more fluent and the configuration more obvious and accessible.

    As far as I know a sound editor is on the way but this would require a PC from what I understand. With full MIDI support everyone can implement (and share) the editing on their preferred platform. (iOS, Android, Linux, Arduino...)

  • Move useful content away from Facebook

    Sometimes I read that many discussion is done on this closed platform, sometimes even in closed groups. Is there any good reason for this? I suggest moving all this stuff to this forum so that everyone with an email address and a browser can participate. (In the meaning of: without having a social network account)

  • Modify the "stutter" effect so that it is affecting the sequencer rather than the audio playback

    Change the implementation (or let the user select the desired one [which could be difficult to discover for the user]) so that it works like the "roller" feature of the Arturia Drumbrute and the Beatstep Pro. You can watch a demo of this here:

    In text: As soon as the effect is activated the sequencer will stay at the current note and starts playing one or more notes from this position in a range and speed which depends on the selected resolution which could be 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 or more complex and as long as the effect is activated. The 4 LEDs next to the effect encoder could indicate which of the resolution is selected just like: first LED = 1/4, second LED = 1/8 and so on. Alternatively it could be indicated on the display.

  • Ability to render the arpeggio to single notes

    It's difficult to modify existing arp sequences because one has to figure out where exactly the actual notes are played. The ability to convert the current arp to single notes would make the editing easier. It would also allow things which were not easily possible before like changing the resolution for single parts of the pattern or enabling the arp on the rendered notes again.

  • Please read first before posting

    @Ian_Jorgensen said:
    _Copy / load just one track in from another saved song (DONE)

    Is this not documented yet or still missing?

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    @MPrinsen said:
    The way song view works now just discourages me to create much more than 8 tracks. Which is a shame. I want to launch as many tracks from the same screen as possible. Especially since it is very blurring which track is which when scrolling up and down. I can’t recognize them.


    The current workflow is rather made for creating and playing back a song than for performing live. The MPC Force is likely to purge the Deluge in it's current state from my setup at the moment. I don't even care about all the sampling and synth stuff. The Deluge is only a sequencer for me.

  • Quantize amount and post-record quantize

    The opposite version of this feature would be useful as well. Humanizing entered MIDI notes by allowing to shift single notes by small amounts (like 1/192 or less).

  • Add the ability to preview sounds only on the headphone output aka cue function

    I got another idea how to archive a kind-of cue functionality with built-in features.

    In a scenario where the deluge is connected to a mixer, only the left channel could be connected to the main bus (what people will hear) while the right channel is connected to another channel on the mixer which is not routed to main out but to a monitoring bus or something like that. When you want to preview a synth or kit, adjust the panorama to the right channel. Alternatively you could attach headphones and just listen to the right side. The obvious trade-off would be of course only mono output and that you always need to keep track about the panning status of each track.