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  • Arm SHIFT (double tap to arm)

    Dont know if the shift button has a backlight? If it does, double tap to arm shift and turn on the light, and tap once to unarm and turn the light off.
    In song mode I use much more often instant mute, in track mode I prefer to enter sound edit via the direct access via pads. The shift button will be the first to wear out I fear.

  • Track view: Step color reflects velocity not pitch

    I want to see velocity without looking up the value.
    Steps are colored based on their pitch. 64 RGB values are used to fill 128 slots. Pitch coloring looks nice. But it doesnt give me much information.

    A configuration option or a shortcut to switch between pitch mode and velocity mode would be cool.
    In velocity mode all notes are colored based on their velocity value, cool if shift&up/down for changing the base color would still work. A bit different for Kit Track view but i guess i could work the same.

  • Allow custom folders in SYNTH/KIT folder on SD card

    Hold SYNTH/KIT and turn Select knob to change synth and kit banks.
    A synth or kit bank is a folder on the SD card located in the preset folders.
    When saving a preset allow to change the folder.

    Use cases:

    • group synth presets: bass, lead, arp, ..
    • easily add user banks
    • pain free file browser navigation when there are loads of files
  • What do you think about Deluge Effects?

    Deluge FX ordered by usefulness and taste

    Mod (Flanger, Chorus, Phaser)
    Delay (Analog, Digital)
    Filter (LP-12db, LP-24db, LP-Drive, HP)
    Sidechain Compressor

    For me the Mod FX stand out, very well done, I love using the Flanger FX to drill the sound.
    More dynamics fx (compressor, ..), more EQ and Distortion types, and a better control for Stutter and Delay would be awesome.

  • Demo vid of step % and amen break

    Reminds me of stuff Sector (iOS) can do.

  • Cloned track with same synth

    yeah, that would be the expected behavior. all sound param changes should affect all clones. so a cloned track was just like a midi track routed to the same instrument. if i need specific params for a specific clone i can still record automation. thats the standard DAW way i guess.

  • Automation of Start and End points of a sample and different Looping options

    cool ideas here. i want em all :)
    Speculation: at superbooth Ian told me Rohan has a kind of granular synth in mind. however, thats a complex matter and will take much time to develop.
    for me Deluge is a sampler in its heart, sample instruments are most important. maybe there is an easy way to allow sample end and start as mod targets, if so: please consider it as the very next thing :)

  • Programming chords in keyboard mode

    for the note repeat thread i made a sketch, chorder functionality could be added here too. the idea is the keyboard view gets global midi performance features as if you would hook up a MPC controller or a kordbot.

  • MIDI output glitch

    hmmm, random bugs are hard to fix. the 3 problems you describe probably dont have the same cause too.
    please try to come up with more details. also, if u could explain a problem that u get often and not just randomly, it is usually much easier to help.

  • More precise / accurate parameter control

    @Kenoubi i like your suggestion because a lot of thought went into it, for sure it is good brain food to understand the Deluge better.
    i did and do support your suggestion but let me make clear what exactly i like and which details i disagree with.

    from a suggestion history perspective i recognize different use case:

    • use a value notation that is more useful when making music (like dotted options for delay), totally understand this is the main focus of your suggestion.
      i like the way you generalized the infamously often mentioned dotted delay rate problem here, a new way to look at it, cool.

    • wider value ranges with more extreme min/max values (often mentioned: longer release time)

    • value ranges with more values in between to choose (often mentioned: finer control for short attack/decay, saturation, ..)

    i'd rate the second and third use case higher than the first one.
    i certainly would not want a Hz display for cutoff if it means i have less distinct values than before.
    and i certainly always want to see a change in the display when a golden knob interaction emits a new value.

    my opinion on your proposals in detail

    • (all!) rate params in ms and dotted/triplet for sync: absolutely
      except vibrato: depends on LFO1 speed, it is a modulation depth param.

    • "fraction" params: 0-100 instead of 0-50: absolutely. in some cases (envelopes) the min/max values should change too.

    • semitones/cents for sample speed, unison, lpf/hpf: why not, i wouldnt use it much though.
      just a thought for cutoff in Hz: most (all?) filters do a volume correction, i am not a DSP guy but in "useable" filters there is much more happening under the hood than just changing 1 physical property.

    • ratio params 0..1: nah just leave it 0..100. i think ur distinction beween "fraction" params and "ratio" params is too technical for the average user.

    • in general i would not use any dB notations, i rate a consistent UI higher than having a specialized range and own unit for every param.
      haven't got any friends that tell me "make X 5dB louder", you seem to hang out with professional sound engineers a lot (jealous!) :)

    question here, how did you come to that conclusion?

    @Kenoubi said:
    I know Deluge is capable of doing this right, because it already does so for certain parameters! Also, using the golden knobs (very carefully) or external MIDI control allows finer adjustments than the 0-50 integer scale used by most parameters, so I know the Deluge software and file format can handle it.

    Did a test with cutoff, using golden knob and midi CC and it didnt get the impression there are more than 50 distinct values.
    It would be rather unusual if turning the knob changes the value without a change in the display - especially if it is 0-50. i can get more audible distinct values when using the mod matrix, that seems to be it afaik.
    i like to learn everything about the Deluge, do you have more knowledge here? i havent checked if the hex value can change in the XML file while the display value does not. if my impression holds true this would be another case for finer control: i want to get more distinct values, especially when using a midi CC which can have 128 values and should not be limited to 51 values (counting 0),