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  • Arm SHIFT (double tap to arm)

    Dont know if the shift button has a backlight? If it does, double tap to arm shift and turn on the light, and tap once to unarm and turn the light off.
    In song mode I use much more often instant mute, in track mode I prefer to enter sound edit via the direct access via pads. The shift button will be the first to wear out I fear.

  • All parameter changes affect all clones

    “Clones” means: clips that belong to the same instrument and play mutually exclusive.

    A topic that was discussed a lot since i entered this forum. After reading a comment in the latest thread, i would like to challenge if this is what should be done. Did write a lot of suggestions to allow somehow refreshing presets. But - really it shouldnt be necessary

    @Hotelsinus said:
    ,.. but i want to use it like the simplest way! like in any vst presets in daws, that affects all the patterns in the project ..


    • Parameter changes in a clip only affects clones if it is not a “continuous” parameter (assignable to a golden knob).
      For example Synth mode param is changed in all clips of the same instrument.

    • For kit instruments not only “continuous” params do not propagate, also the case for addition, removal and order of kit rows.


    • For Synth and Kit instruments all parameter changes affect all cloned clips (including white instances in Arranger).
      For example: a Synth instrument with 3 clips, change delay amount in one clip, all 3 clips have the same delay amount.

    • Vice versa for kit rows

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  • Track view: Step color reflects velocity not pitch

    I want to see velocity without looking up the value.
    Steps are colored based on their pitch. 64 RGB values are used to fill 128 slots. Pitch coloring looks nice. But it doesnt give me much information.

    A configuration option or a shortcut to switch between pitch mode and velocity mode would be cool.
    In velocity mode all notes are colored based on their velocity value, cool if shift&up/down for changing the base color would still work. A bit different for Kit Track view but i guess i could work the same.

  • Allow custom folders in SYNTH/KIT folder on SD card

    Hold SYNTH/KIT and turn Select knob to change synth and kit banks.
    A synth or kit bank is a folder on the SD card located in the preset folders.
    When saving a preset allow to change the folder.

    Use cases:

    • group synth presets: bass, lead, arp, ..
    • easily add user banks
    • pain free file browser navigation when there are loads of files
  • What do you think about Deluge Effects?

    Deluge FX ordered by usefulness and taste

    Mod (Flanger, Chorus, Phaser)
    Delay (Analog, Digital)
    Filter (LP-12db, LP-24db, LP-Drive, HP)
    Sidechain Compressor

    For me the Mod FX stand out, very well done, I love using the Flanger FX to drill the sound.
    More dynamics fx (compressor, ..), more EQ and Distortion types, and a better control for Stutter and Delay would be awesome.

  • Demo vid of step % and amen break

    Reminds me of stuff Sector (iOS) can do.

  • Cloned track with same synth

    yeah, that would be the expected behavior. all sound param changes should affect all clones. so a cloned track was just like a midi track routed to the same instrument. if i need specific params for a specific clone i can still record automation. thats the standard DAW way i guess.


    cool if we could control stutter with pads, much like the (for now discarded) velocity pad mode.
    so u could jump to different best division directly and generate rhythmical mashup.

  • Edits no longer propagate to all instances?

    your right manatee, it IS a valid issue. if i had to call out a single dark spot of the Deluge, it is the clone concept.

    • no straight forward way to align clones. Its possible to do manually but there is no sane way in a complex situation afaik. Some stuff is easier to align, like aligning loaded samples in kit mode. To for example align the delay amount in synth clips i currently create new clones and copy the notes.
    • some param changes affect all clips, some not. Thats confusing.
  • Programming chords in keyboard mode

    for the note repeat thread i made a sketch, chorder functionality could be added here too. the idea is the keyboard view gets global midi performance features as if you would hook up a MPC controller or a kordbot.