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  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    hope someone in New Zealand finds motivation in this thoughts, the critics is completely justified.
    I am still not able to find a progressive workflow cause little things in Deluge are not brought to the end.

    But of course: We all love this machine and respect the work of the developers and they gave us the feeling that wishes and thoughts are listened to and yes the firmware history still gives me hope that the story is not yet at the end.

  • Swing Shuffle

    On my Electribe EMX (the old blue one) I can isolate Swing Shuffle from certain parts, so the base drum is tight and the snare shuffles. On Deluge Shuffle is to the whole Project/Song what is a restriction.

  • Sampling mode with functions of “resampling” mode

    Found this in another forum, maybe it can help?

    _Assign one of the oscillators to Audio In.

    Paint up its track with an endless Release note on a C3 pitch.

    Hook up a Midi Out from the Deluge, into a Midi synced source.

    Connect that source into the Deluge’s Audio Input.

    Now, use the automated sampling start feature introduced in 1.3. I think you press and hold Record, and then Play when you’re ready to go.

    The Deluge now triggers your midi source and starts sampling at the same time.

    End the sampling as you started it, and the Deluge stops sampling as the sequencer reaches the end of the page.

    This gives you perfect start and end points for any source you’re sampling this way._

  • Deluge with the NDLR

    I am very curious about comparison Kordbot with NDLR: Please let us know which one will be the keeper.

  • Downrush Problems

    just a temporary problem....solved!
    Everything works fine again!

  • Count In recording

    I have a Kit with only Klicks onbeat that I mute when I don´t need it - but of course you are right that this is far away from a "Count In REC" that other machines have got,