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  • FM Patch: Solid Bass

    Just started playing around with FM on the Deluge. Here's a Solid Bass to start out.

    And here it in in context: ripping off Orbital's "Halcyon and On" bassline, which was recorded with Solid Bass on a DX100, FWIW.

    I actually looped a section from the song in an Audio track, and A/B'ed these until it sounded about right. They may have used distortion / compression on their track? Or maybe it's just old tape. It sounds a tad more saturated.

    It's a super simple patch. It's basically OSC1 <- MOD1 <- MOD2+feedback. OSC1 is on ENV1, and the modulators are on ENV2: they make the growl.

    The default knobs have the MOD1 and MOD2 levels on the parameter knobs where cutoff and resonance normally are, and you should definitely have a play around with them to tweak the sound to taste. The "cutoff" is OSC1, which sets the basic level of modulation, and "resonance" is OSC2 with feedback, which makes it more or less "metally". They're both super sensitive and the "right" values are pretty close to one LED on for each, so it's a little bit touchy.

    I'll post up some more FM sounds as I make them. My main synth is an SY99, so the Deluge feels like a strange/limited FM synth to me, but there are a lot of classic sounds that should be able to fit into this little box. Being able to bang out both a patch and a drum beat and the rest in one night from the couch, without touching a computer, is priceless.

  • How to name kits/synths within songs

    You can name the track in Arrange mode. See if that does what you want.

    Switch over to Arrange mode, press and hold the audition button of the track you want to name, and tap the "Name" pad off the big matrix. (One above Arp mode, one below EQ high freq if you have an old pad.)
    This name will show up when you long-press one of the track's pads in Song view, or when you press audition in Arrange view.

  • My First Track! (Some Generic FotF)

    Great minimal track. Love the sounds.

    Misc tech tip: you can press "cross screen" in arranger mode to get it to scroll horizontally for you. :wink:

  • Silent Parameter Locks

    On the original topic of silent parameter locks: I see at least 3 ways to do this. (Just got a Deluge last week, so sorry if this is old news.)

    1) Like in video: enter notes with 0 velocity, put automation in them.
    2) As suggested in Reddit thread and somewhere else: enter notes, automate, delete notes. Automation remains.

    But what I like is

    3) If it's a synth, just pick any note that you're not using, enable those steps, record automation there, and then mute the entire note row using the mute/launch button.

    This gives you a visual key for where/when the parameter changes are, and if it's the only muted row in the clip, you can see which row it is b/c it's the only yellow one.

    I was just playing around with this, and it's really fun. The only way to mute the automation is to clear it, or just make a clone track without it, I guess.