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  • add a momentary LED meter using a hot key

    using a column or 4. perhaps you could have a meter for input, then one for master output and one for current track or kit instrument depending on the mode youre in... hold the hot key down, meters show, let hotkey go meters disappear

    hot key could be shift + volume/pan

  • add saturation as mod destination


  • numerical display of parameter while writing it to a step

    i would love to know what numerical setting i land on while tweaking a parameter for a particular step so i can match it quickly to another step if i want to.

    having a lot of fun with this machine! i love that i can just load up my favorite samples and away i go

  • scrolling text for longer file names

    what the title says

  • very impressed

    deluge covers a lot of bases in a small form factor and good price point. it seriously competes with corporate products and its evident that it has the love and dedication corporate products often seem to lack. im impressed with the attention to detail. bravo! i love mine.

  • WIFI SD card with deluge and any fat format sampler

    with ‘station mode’, i now have access to all my samplers at once from any / all of my devices all at the same time... i can upload to any or all from anywhere on my wifi network and i dont need to exclusively connect to one card. i love living in the future!

  • extend ‘affect entire’ mode to include matrix edits and modulation routings for kits

    who knows how useful this would be?

  • my song mode ideas

    i would love a song mode that recorded your pattern selections/automations to a new editable 'performance'

    perhaps one that used the grid to trigger patterns with definable play characteristics such as immediate switching vs start at end of current, including step matching where when you switch, it lands you on the same step of the measure that you would have been on in the pattern you came from.

    it might be nice to have a left to right setup where the first column is the first song step. it would contain a pattern number for each track or no pattern number. this would access the pattern for that particular instrument from the respective pattern that the track was associated with. this way each track would have independent access to all patterns and also presumably the instruments and settings for that track as well. this gets complicated from a DSP standpoint i assume, but can be worked very intuitively regarding arrangement. you simply have many screens in a row that contain all the steps of the song.

    then you perhaps would have an automation lane that could capture or perhaps step write automations that affect the whole.or perhaps one for each track, that you can hide? just ideas here.

    im borrowing a bit from nanoloop:

  • where is rohan

    golly it would seem that rohan should be a tad more present in discussion here since hes the host of this little get together... so far i havent seen any discussion where i felt like he was a part of it. i spent 900 dollars to be ignored? thats not very good business honestly. when a customer of mine has a concern that hasnt specifically been addressed, i pop into action and it doesnt stay that way for long. but this? its as if my suggestions are offensive to him or whatever... i cant tell actually. but it sure seems like i / we dont have enough clout to be communicated to over the vast gulf between us... developer / paying customer.