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  • Please add a confirm on save/load when loss of data!


    I'm frustrated - mostly at myself I guess - but I just did several hours of work and pressed the load rather than save --- everting gone 😒

    It would really nice to have a confirm that it is a message other than the blinking numbers and letters - super simple to confuse (for me) add it just cost me a pile of time and work.


  • Suggestion; Auto Save Pleaae and Auto Start to last song/track


    I'm used to some newer gear where the systems will auto save as you go and if you power down it will keep your last work and restart where you left off.

    It would be nice if this were an option as I have lost some work already and would like to be able to keep in a creative workflow when traveling with the device.

    What happened is that I was working on some tracks at the airport and I was moving place to place and instinctively just powered it down (like my OPZ - and other portable gear). When I turned it on --- I was thinking we'll crud - lost my work. It happened again last night and I'm wondering why there can't be an option to auto save current and/or auto save to an auto save file.

    Please consider this as I feel it is important for a battery powered mobile debice.


  • I reset my system and SD card - now, no abilit to save or load songs!!!


    I think I found an odd bug where if you totally delete your SD card and use the "factory default" zip file, you end up in a place where you cannot load or save songs. not loading makes sense as the SD card has no songs... BUT... it also does not flash "none" when you press load. Similarly when I go to press "save'" nothing happens. I did a closer look at the SD card and I noticed there was no SONGS directory. I created a SONGS directory and all now works great.

    Please either a) add a songs directory to the default SD card setup and/or please have the device create the directory if it is not there.

    Hope this helps someone just in case they run into the same issue.


  • MIDI learn - is it machine global?

    I did read through the manual more closely, it is covered in two places

    Under here:
    Assigning knobs to parameters

    Assignment of connected MIDI knobs is done in the same way: navigate to a parameter’s value, hold down the learn button, and then turn the knob you wish to assign. Both relative and absolute MIDI CC messages are supported (it is auto-detected which of these a given knob is), and so are MIDI pitch-bend messages. Controlling parameters via MIDI is a handy way of expanding the Deluge’s controllability because this control remains active all of the time, whereas the Deluge’s own parameter knobs only apply to the track which the user is viewing in track view, or holding down a pad on in song view.

    Under here: (it is answered here)
    Controlling functions via MIDI

    <-- partyl of the section -->
    Some MIDI commands are song-specific. With them, you can:
    Launch a given track or section
    Mute / unmute a row belonging to a track in track view
    Play one sound in a kit track
    Play a synth belonging to a track. For this, an entire MIDI channel is assigned, rather than just one note in that channel. This allows the synth to be played with a MIDI keyboard. The same function is available for MIDI and CV tracks

    <- more goodness in the manual ->

    I hope that helps you get closer to the answer.