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  • Scale Mode for KIT

    Idea for Scale Mode for KIT: For each drum/sample/synth in the KIT
    when in Scale Mode
    give it a set of 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 grid of pads (configurable in the Global Settings) that
    range from low to high velocity or a few other options (configurable in the Global Settings)
    Velocity would go up diagonally in each grid from lower left (around 50 velocity) to top right (127 velocity)
    Diagram of idea to be clear:

    Use the up/down scroll knob to go to more pads if lots of drum/sample slots.
    This would help with live performances and more expression to recording drums
    Possibly have other settings controllable instead of velocity: filter cutoff? Sample Start Point?
    Optional Setting: add a 1 pad blank/do-nothing border around each 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 area for "Fat finger protection"

  • Fast Pattern Length Change

    I'm aware of the current ability to change the length of a part/pattern length. Even to zoom out to make it a little quicker. But it doesn't work well enough in a performance setting to quickly add a new instrument/part of different lengths - it will default to the last length (love that as the default, but...). Then I would adjust the length with the SHIFT+ Knob < >
    What if I want my next part to be 8 bars long? or the last part was 8 bars long and I want a 1 bar drum loop?

    It would be best to have some way to quickly alter the measure length of parts. Perhaps a combo of SHIFT + ?? and either:
    Use knob to change the length in bars/measures instead of steps
    Show a Pad/Grid that lights up the current number of bars/measures and allows changing it from 1 to 16 or 32 (or maybe even more since there are 128 pads.)

    Which option seems best to Delugers workflow?

  • What are some great companions to the Deluge?

    I agree with cypher... I got the Electribe2 right before now and getting the Deluge and Electribe2 doesn't offer anything to the mix. I got it because it was on a crazy good deal then finally realized the deluge is what I'm after. Then only thing interesting about it is some of its cross modulation synths, but those aren't the most real version of those anyway.

    So what does great with Deluge: analog synth: yes (I have DSI Tetra and a bunch other). Digitone: does more FM than the Deluge, also the PreenFM2 is also very cool.

    One thing I'm finding right now is with the right synth samples, you can make the Deluge synth engine (subtractive with samples) really shine without any other synth needed. Get a nice Moog Model D sample with a long interesting note on C and build a synth / sample out of it. It sounds so good! When Deluge os 2.1 comes out it will be fully realized because of the start -> loop points -> end points.

  • OLED display upgrade option

    I agree with this because I create songs with Deluge using different external hardware. On one song it is my full modular setup, on others it is just the Digitone or Blofeld. Having a bit more screen would help to be able to Name/Label songs to remind me what gear goes with what song. Of course, I do like the battery life on the Deluge to last a long time, so I'd want to know what the trade offs would be.