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  • Chord names when multiple notes are pressed

    It would be very useful if the screen would display the chord names when multiple keys are pressed, instead of just the notes.

  • Patch independent arp

    I'm really interested in hearing what people think about the idea of a mode for the arpeggiator that allows it to function independently of the patch. Personally, if I'm working with an arp, I would like to be able to go through presets to hear what the instruments sound like. Currently, you have to remake the arp settings for each synth (time), which also creates a secondary patch and would quickly add clutter if I really wanted to listen to a lot of instruments.

    Of course, the arp setting is important to set per instrument. Therefore, my current suggestion is to assign a way to "lock, aka function outside of the synth without creating a new custom version of that patch" or "unlock, aka use the patch arp settings".

    Any other suggestions or ideas to accomplish quicker arp access are definitely welcome. Thanks for your time.

  • Pressing record not starting the sequence.

    I would also love if there was a customizable-length count in.

  • Blend samples across octaves

    I find that samples do not necessarily translate very well as they change pitch, but many of the samples I have come in sets containing multiple octaves. I think there would be a lot of use to be able to load different samples at different octaves and blend them together.

  • Patch independent arp

    awesome workaround, that's a really cool idea