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Zagreb, Croatia
  • Send MIDI feedback

    send midi feedback data to controllers.
    this is very important for all of us who play live to avoid value jumps.
    also, to see which tracks are active/muted on midi pads/buttons with led's

  • shift+modulation source shows modulated parameters(pads blink)

    Currently, when you use a shortcut for a sound parameter(or select it in the menu), the grid shows you which sources are modulating it(the source pad blinks).
    It would be fantastic if it worked the other way around - you shift-press a modulation source's pad and any parameters that are being modulated by it start blinking. It would be much easier to find out which modulations are active, given that there are only eight sources - and many, many sound parameters. I believe that this would be most helpful

    Also it doesn't seem it would be cpu-intensive or difficult to implement..I'm not a programmer though 🙂

  • Send MIDI feedback

    c'mon people..
    i know this is not a sexy, funky feature like wawetables, MPE etc. but it really is needed and shouldn't be heavy on the cpu.
    upvote if you feel me..

  • Delay and release tails when changing songs

    This would help a lot when performing live, to achieve smoother transitions.
    currently only the reverb has a tail when song is changed, delay and release do not

  • clipping LED

    While there are numerous good suggestions regarding this kinda stuff, here's a really simple one that should be quick&easy to implement but at the same time extremely useful.

    here it is:
    when clipping occurs, both the sync and battery LED light up in red. simple as that, solves the problem. maybe start blinking fast, to differentiate from incoming sync/dying battery signal. this would be easy to read and wouldn't interfere with any functions already present.
    low levels of clipping are hard to hear, especially in the middle of the creative process..but then you end up playing live on a big PA and sounding not so good.

  • Compressor

    yess please a simple compressor that can be used both per track and on the master

  • Recording live INTO arranger mode so it reflects a jam timeline

    yes PLEASE!