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Internal MIDI routing


Allow the use of internally generated midi (from midi tracks) on synth or drum tracks. This would allow:

  • control transpose on (multiple) synth tracks based on a longer simple midi track (e.g. 4 bars E, 2 bars A, 2 bars C, ...)
  • control multiple track's sound parameters through a single midi tracks cc value (e.g. multiple synth tracks have their resonance connected to one midi channel's cc and can by 'played' together)
  • by muting a midi track, sound/parameter animations could be 'disabled' (if the last example's midi track's cc values were animated and the track got disabled, it's influence on the 'played' synth sounds would disappear).
  • (a great to have but probably more complex addition: use the note values from a midi track to directly offset synth track notes (instead of transpose them), add a menu option 'offset notes by midi channel: xx')

I was testing this out by connecting the midi out to the midi in and it offers amazing new ways of playing - especially jamming. As simple short synth tracks can easily be modulated over longer ranges and the option to disable sound parameter automations with a simple button press adds a lot too. Quite hacky though and makes the Deluge sometimes a little unstable. So allowing the use of the data which is already in there anyways, would be great!


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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 89

    So a re-route back onto itself (using a midi track to control an internal sound)? Pretty intriguing, and I could see a benefit in the idea - could do on the fly changes within a 5 step midi sequence to control a 4/4 4 bar sequence, so the modulations would change out of sync to the main track in polyrhythmatic ways. Right?

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