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What are some great companions to the Deluge?



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    theoristtheorist NC/SC, USAPosts: 7

    @jonesy101 said:
    You picked a lot of stuff that sounds relatively similar to a Deluge. I would suggest an analog synth. Not sure what use pedals are as dluge is pretty self contained with lack of ins outs

    You're welcome to not like my recommendations. lol :) And I also suggested an analog synth, and there is a few more smaller ones I would have suggested if I had thought of them when I was making the post. I've also found plenty of different ways to creatively incorporate pedals with the Deluge.

    But frankly, and I probably should have made this clear from the beginning of my original post - but Im not approaching this idea as recommending a single partner device to pair with the Deluge and that's it. As much as the Deluge can do by itself, I don't see ANY piece of gear as all inclusive, and very few pieces of gear as "matched pairs" so to speak. So essentially my idea here was to suggest mobile / smallish gear choices that can come together and compliment each other, and the Deluge, as parts in a "system" - not just a single piece of gear to pair with the Deluge.

    Hope that helps at least a little in explaining how I approached the question of companions to the Deluge. Blessings!

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    Looks like Gotharman's Tiny LD could be a decent companion:

    16 part, 8 stereo voices tiny granular music workstation, with synthesizes, samplers, sequencer, granular effects and analog filter and CV options.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 190

    @highstandards said:
    Looks like Gotharman's Tiny LD could be a decent companion:

    16 part, 8 stereo voices tiny granular music workstation, with synthesizes, samplers, sequencer, granular effects and analog filter and CV options.

    I have the LD2. It’s a crazy amazing machine. LD3 is out now and it’s even better with option to put a real analog filter board in it. His mulltimode filter on the LD2 is great though.

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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 57

    The elektron machines, of course! Monomachine + machinedrum, Rytm, Digitone. Use the inputs creatively and you have a small killer setup for live uses!

    Besides that, a well-built and prepared eurorack is crazy good with the D.

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    Just_Peter118Just_Peter118 The NetherlandsPosts: 40

    @Makai said:
    Ok, bear with me, but I literally created an account for the express reason of sharing a very dope, very portable and very flexible combination of cheap gear that is, in my opinion opening up some stuff in some of the few weak areas of the deluge. Only able to vouche for iOS combination, though I'm sure an android facsimile could be assembled.

    iRig Duo (2 chan. audio+midi I/O) - roughly $160 USD online
    Roli Lightpad Block M - $150-200 USD online
    MIDIflow IOS app - $7 USD
    TouchOSC IOS app - $5? USD

    Very interested in the combination of the Lightpad and the Deluge. What settings did you make in the Dashboard app and what settings on the Deluge?

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 41

    No one has mentioned Access Virus.
    The Virus in 'multi mode' is perfect synth companion to complement the Deluge, and you can route the Deluge's audio through one of the Virus's multi mode parts, and use all the Virus effects on it as well.
    The two make a very powerful combination.

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    realms_of_chaosrealms_of_chaos United KingdomPosts: 17

    My Deluge is on it's way, should be here in a couple of days.

    At first I'll be using it alongside a Modal Skulpt and a PreenFM2. The Skulpt is known for producing really thick/fat, full sounds, something which seems to be mentioned quite often as a weakness of the Deluge, so hopefully they'll compliment each other nicely. The PreenFM2 just has much a deeper FM engine than Deluge so I'm confident it can contribute a lot.

    For the future, I'm considering the Empress Zoia for its almost unlimited modular effects and synth capabilities. Also possibly a Volca Drum, because I'm not sure if it's possible to coax these kind of crazy warped drum sounds out of the Deluge synth engine (I'll be experimenting to see if I can first).

    I also really like the Micromonsta, but I'm not sure how much it contribute that the Deluge can't... does anybody have any thoughts on this, please?

    Any other comments or advice on my setup plans would be very welcome, as I'm fairly new to this.

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    The Deluge's synth engine is OK. It could use more filter types to make sounds coming out of it less recognisable, but you can create some decent patches with it. The biggest problem from my perspective is the lack of presets. You will have to spend a lot of time designing instruments if you don't use external gear.
    So, you'll have a good starting point with the Skulpt and PreenFM2 :).
    The Volca Drum is ace and great to control from the Deluge. You can create a synth drum kit on the Deluge using multiple clips, but again, you will spend a lot of time doing it and it's not really convenient to use.
    The Micromonsta is out of stock and I'm not sure it's coming back. It's a bit dated and due a makeover.
    The Zoia is great to experiment, but it's underpowered, so you'll only really be able to use it for one thing at a time: FX or synth.
    To replace both, you could look at something like the MOD Duo X. Its current synth collection isn't very vast, but thinks should improve in the coming months.
    The Pisound is also interesting now that the Raspberry Pi 4 is out.

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    realms_of_chaosrealms_of_chaos United KingdomPosts: 17
    edited August 2019

    The Pisound is also interesting now that the Raspberry Pi 4 is out.

    Thanks for the tips! Orac 2.0 looks like an interesting thing to run on the Pi/Pisound

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 91
    edited August 2019

    Don't forget the pisound paired with pi3 can also run a decent emulation of the mod duo to. The guys at blokas have recently mentioned they might include this in their patchbox custom os/ modified linux operating system for the pi. This helps by pre configuring the pi settings to run audio in the best possible way .
    Btw all software free and open source .

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    realms_of_chaosrealms_of_chaos United KingdomPosts: 17

    My Deluge has another awesome new companion already! I had an opportunity to pick up a Waldorf Blofeld Desktop (black) for a really nice price so I took it. It's in nearly perfect condition too. B)

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    RhyminGarFunkleRhyminGarFunkle Tucson, AZPosts: 16
    edited August 2019

    @realms_of_chaos said:

    Also possibly a Volca Drum, because I'm not sure if it's possible to coax these kind of crazy warped drum sounds out of the Deluge synth engine (I'll be experimenting to see if I can first).

    Honestly with the envelopes the way they are, it's really hard to get good drum sounds from the Deluge synth engine. When tying oscillator pitch to an envelope, a decay setting of more than 0, 1, or 2 (out of 50) gets out of "click" and "thump" and straight to "laser beam" territory. Even the trick of setting a parameter to a gold knob for finer adjustment doesn't work for envelope settings. I spent a long time experimenting with it before I got a DFAM. I find the envelopes to be the weakest element of the Deluge's generally powerful and capable engine.

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    ooijjooijj BerlinPosts: 7

    Hey @Edi - how do you connect your iPad to the Deluge? Via the USB or midi-in port on the Deluge?
    I've got a bunch of midi-controller type apps that I'm keen to experiment with, but am using a USB connection (with a USB camera connection kit) and am not sure the Deluge is detecting any midi signal.

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    lchatanakalchatanaka United StatesPosts: 13
    edited September 2019

    I have a ton of gear and I've found simply multisampling a lot of my most used synth patches into the deluge has been amazing. I made an Ableton set that automatically records a set length for each note in a range, then I have a couple batch programs that tag each wav file with their note, so the deluge knows exactly how to map them. I use my prophet 6, sub37, and a couple Roland boutiques a lot this way. I also really like doing this for stuff like FM8 and Serum. The deluge's multisampler is amazing.

    I also made a headless Mac mini (doesn't use a monitor or keyboard/mouse) with some custom scripts, so it just starts, opens an Ableton set with a bunch of my favorite vsts on different midi channels. The deluge can change the presets using a golden knob cc, and I can play all the different vsts by asking the deluge to transmit on different midi channels.

    To everyone bashing on electribes or other similar gear, I implore you to look at it a different way. Yes the deluge can do what most of these things can do. But sometimes in a song writing environment that can be very beneficial to have redundant but different work flows to mess with. I've used my octatrack and Ableton alongside by deluge and they work great.

    Lastly, Electron stuff was mentioned so I'll chime in... I honestly don't love how Electron stuff sounds. I've owned an analog keys and still own an octatrack and they can kind of sound sterile... the possibilities are endless, but it doesn't really warrant it for me. Something like a prophet rev 2 or original works way better for me, especially because you can just sequence it with the deluge.

    All in all, you can get a lot of gear that pairs well with the deluge. My own recommendation would be to use a computer and some vsts first to see if you like having that kind of flexibility at your fingertips. If you find yourself wanting to be more hands on, bring your deluge to a guitar center if something and try it with a prophet or other synth you like. Lastly, if you want more flexibility in sound mangling and even more looping possibilities, maybe an octatrack or digitakt would be fun. There really is no right answer. Sorry this got so long, haha.

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