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Sample as oscillator should retain volume when sample is changed


When the oscillator is set to sample within the subtractive synth and the user browses the samples to choose another the volume of the oscillator is automatically set to 50 upon selection. This is problematic because some samples overdrive the amp when set to full volume. This problem is especially prevalent to me when I'm browsing through single cycle waveforms. Every time I load one up when I'm trying to select one I have to turn the volume down by half. I don't see why the volume of the oscillator should change from what the user has set each time a new sample is loaded.


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    TactileAFTactileAF Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 21

    I'd love it if all the sound editor parameters would stay as set when you load a new sample (pitch, filter etc). Much like the Korg ESX does. It lets you see what other samples sound like with the same processing. I guess the "default menu" suggestion could get some of the way to fixing this.

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    rephazerrephazer hollandPosts: 5

    I think it would be better if default/init volume settings per patch are not maxed out to start with. Now you can only lower the volume, but not make things louder if needed.. Makes mixing a hassle.

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