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Multi Sample Generator

jonesy101jonesy101 lodonPosts: 12
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I suggest a multi sample creation facility on Deluge. Sampling a synth atm is easy enough - drawing in 1 bar notes over an octave, hitting record and splicing them into 12 notes. What would be nice is then hitting a button and those notes being shuffled into its own multi sample folder and nicely mapped. It would be so quick to create multi sample kits this way - nice and organised in folders. The notes could then be further shuffled into whatever scale. Im constantly borrowing and swapping synths and having this would turn my Deluge into a power house.

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    JRatronJRatron United KingdomPosts: 13

    Do you mean like a midi to audio-in learn mode for auto capturing external gear into multi samples? That'd be well cool :) Samples could be saved and auto labelled with the note name.
    You could have a threshold on the audio-in to detect when a note has finished playing and move onto playing the next one.

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