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Song Mode Options - for a slightly different use of the colour groupings.

kinakina New ZealandPosts: 27

I would like to see a different option for the colour groupings.

Currently, with the colour groupings such as they are, when I turn on the red group, it turns off the blue group.

It means that , for example, if I want to use the same kick pattern for 4 different groups, I have to have the same kick pattern 4 times over under different colour groupings.

My suggestion is that we could have a "toggle" option in the menu, instead of the current "turn all colours off except for this one".

This way, when I cue the red group to play, the blue group would keep playing when the red group starts.

I know that there are users that seem to enjoy the current song mode, but I think it would be fantastic to have the option to use it in a slightly different way.


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    TactileAFTactileAF Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 21

    Have you tried using the "SHAr" mode on sections? Could be useful from my quick play around.

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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 88

    Yer you can do what you want with SHAR and INFI. It was recently covered on the facebook page.

    As Sam from Synthstrom said:

    Using "SHAR" on a section means that when you launch a section, it doesn't effect anything else that you /already/ have going. So how I've got a track set up at the moment is with one kit section on "INFI" and two synth sections on "SHAR" that I'm adding and subtracting from the song independently.

    (Also, in order for this to work you don't want to be using any synths/kits that are duplicates or using the same synth/kit preset, as they will automatically drop out when a different iteration of them comes in.)

    Step-by-step (broken down a lot, for clarity):

    1) Start off with a kit track. Program a beat.

    2) Enter song mode. Press the section pad and check that the track is set to "INFI" ("SHAR" here is also ok, but for the purposes of this demo, don't worry about it)

    3) Add a synth track. Enter a bassline.

    4) Go back out to song mode. Make the bassline track a new section by shift-pressing its audition pad. Now set this track/section to "SHAR".

    5) Add a synth track. Change the synth to another preset. Enter a chord.

    6) Go back out to song mode. Make the chord track a new section by shift-pressing its audition pad. Now set this track/section to "SHAR".

    7) Mute both synth sections and hit play. You should hear a beat.

    8) Hit the audition pad for the bassline section. The bassline should enter and play along with the beat, instead of stopping it.

    9) Hit the audition pad for the chord section. The chord should enter and play along with the beat and bassline both, instead of stopping them.

    10) You can drop either synth section out using the mute buttons.

    11) Now mute the "INFI" kit track.

    12) Press the kit track's audition pad to launch the kit section and watch what happens. It should mute both synth sections and you should hear just the beat.

    If all goes according to plan, this should demonstrate the difference between the two types of sections. "SHAR" won't affect anything when launched, "INFI" will affect everything.

    How I use it is "INFI" for my base (not bass lol) sections and "SHAR" for anything sorta auxiliary. It's not the only way to use it, it's just my way.

    ^ A VERY detailed reply from Sam from facebook! ^

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    kinakina New ZealandPosts: 27

    OK, the post came up on the fb group a few days after I put this post up here, so, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    I don't know how this slipped under my radar?

    I've not heard of this "Shar" and "Infi" before.

    Looks like it solves my problem though!

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 556

    It's kinda hidden on page 24 in the manual, bottom paragraph :) A bit unclear writing on this particular subject

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